TOP 10 German shoes

German products are renowned for their legendary reliability and ergonomics. German shoes are no exception. For several decades now, German-brand shoes have dominated the market, holding their own against the competition, particularly from the USA. In this post, we've selected the best German-brand shoes you'll find on the market. 

Adidas brand shoes

Adidas is one of the world's most influential and recognized sports brands. Founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler, the brand began with the aim of enhancing athletes' performance through high-quality sports equipment.

Over the years, Adidas has innovated and created iconic products that have not only influenced the world of sport, but also fashion, culture and even sustainable development.

Adidas' value proposition is based on several key elements:

  • Innovation Adidas is committed to constant product innovation to improve the performance of athletes and the comfort of all users. 
  • Quality Adidas products are renowned for their quality and durability, whether in footwear, clothing or accessories.
  • Style Adidas is at the forefront of sports fashion, offering iconic designs that transcend the world of sport to influence fashion, music and culture in general.
  • Durability Adidas is committed to preserving the environment and works to reduce its ecological impact by developing products made from recycled materials.
  • Collaborations Adidas collaborates with designers, artists and celebrities to create unique collections that fuse sport, fashion and culture.

Here is a summary table of Adidas prices:

Shoe ModelPrice
Campus 00s TKO110€
Stan Smith120€
Gazelle Y-3300€
Predator Accuracy+ Soft Terrain300€

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary according to model and retailer. Please visit the official Adidas website.

Puma Brand Shoes 

Puma is a world-renowned brand known for its high-quality sports equipment, including footwear, apparel and accessories. Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, its roots lie in the sports shoe company that Rudolf and his brother Adi established in 1924.

Puma's history is marked by a strong series of innovations and collaborations that have led to the creation of iconic products and influenced the evolution of the world of sports and fashion.

Puma's value proposition is based on several key elements:

  • Innovation Puma is committed to constant product innovation, with the aim of improving athletes' performance and offering unique designs.
  • Quality Puma products are renowned for their quality, durability and comfort, making the brand a popular choice among professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.
  • Style Puma is at the forefront of sports fashion, offering designs that transcend the world of sport to influence lifestyle and street culture.
  • Collaborations Puma regularly collaborates with designers, artists, celebrities and athletes to create unique collections that highlight the fusion of sport and fashion.
  • Social responsibility Puma is also committed to being a socially responsible company, with initiatives focused on environmental sustainability and improving working conditions in its supply chain.

Here is a summary table of Puma prices:

Shoe ModelPrice
PUMA Unisex Rebound Joy Sneaker37,95€
Puma Smash v2 Herren Sportschuh (Blau)Between €42.45 and €60
Puma Smash V2Between €42.45 and €60
Puma Basket CALI SPORT MIXBetween €42.45 and €60
Puma Rebound69,99€

Birkenstock brand shoes

Birkenstock is a German footwear company, best known for its cork-soled sandals. Founded in 1774, Birkenstock has a long history that testifies to its unwavering commitment to quality, comfort and support. The brand is famous for its anatomical sole design, which has been developed over many generations.

Birkenstock's value proposition rests on several key pillars:

  • Quality Birkenstock products are made from high-quality materials and are renowned for their durability.
  • Comfort : Thanks to its unique anatomical design, Birkenstock offers its customers unparalleled comfort.
  • Support Birkenstock products provide excellent support for the feet, which can help prevent and relieve foot problems.
  • Environmental sustainability Birkenstock: Birkenstock is committed to respecting the environment in its production, as evidenced by the use of environmentally-friendly adhesives and reduced energy consumption.
  • Training Birkenstock has a long tradition of training, with Birkenstock training courses widely recognized in the footwear industry.

Here is a summary table of prices at Birkenstock: 

Shoe ModelPrice
Zermatt in Wool Felt70€
Bend Low Natural leatherBetween €80 and €150
Arizona Brico Flor GoldBetween €80 and €150
Arizona Soft FootbedBetween €80 and €150
Birmingham Women's Oiled Leather300€

Hugo Boss brand shoes

Hugo Boss is a German fashion company founded by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1924. The company specializes in high-end ready-to-wear for men and women, but also offers a range of casual wear, accessories and fragrances.

The Hugo Boss value proposition is based on several key elements:

  • Style and sophistication Hugo Boss clothing is synonymous with sophisticated style, combining classic tailoring with modern trends. They are designed for customers who appreciate elegance and quality.
  • Quality Hugo Boss products are made with high-quality materials and great attention to detail, guaranteeing durability and a superior finish.
  • Variety Hugo Boss offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, covering a variety of styles and clothing needs.
  • Brand recognition : Thanks to its long history and global presence, Hugo Boss enjoys strong brand recognition, synonymous with luxury and quality.

Here is an indicative table of Hugo Boss prices:

Shoe ModelPrice
Lightweight Oxford lace-up shoes55,99€
Jodie_Tenn_ltfyBetween €72.78 and €127.95
Aiden_hito_LTB High_TopBetween €72.78 and €127.95
Kane Runn BasketsBetween €72.78 and €127.95
Parkour-L Runn Baskets181€

Lloyd brand shoes 

LLOYD is a German shoe brand founded by H.F. Meyer in 1888. Proud descendant of a long line of shoe manufacturers, Meyer established a tradition of collaboration with local craftsmen that continues to this day. Many of the leathers used by LLOYD are tanned in Germany.

Since its inception, LLOYD has remained true to its original mission: to produce classic, quality footwear for men and women. The brand distinguishes itself by maintaining high manufacturing standards, with an attention to detail and commitment to quality that is reflected in every pair of shoes.

LLOYD offers a range of styles, from formal shoes to trendy sneakers, boots and ankle boots. Each LLOYD shoe is designed to combine the elegance of a gentleman with the mobility of a sportsman. The brand pays particular attention to aesthetics, striving to create shoes that perfectly complement an outfit, whether plain or colorful socks.

LLOYD's value proposition lies in the following elements:

  • Quality and craftsmanship LLOYD: LLOYD places great emphasis on quality craftsmanship, working with local artisans and using leather tanned in Germany. This attention to detail is reflected in the durability and comfort of their shoes; 
  • Style LLOYD offers shoes that are both elegant and modern. Whether you're looking for a formal shoe for a special occasion or a pair of sneakers for a more casual outfit, LLOYD has something for you; 
  • Comfort and fit LLOYD shoes are designed to offer both style and comfort. Customers often note that they tend to fit large, so it's advisable to choose one size below your usual shoe size.

Here is a summary table of LLOYD prices: 

Shoe ModelPrice
Edmond Navy129,90€
Pebble Sable129,90€
Langston Smooth Brown149,90€
Majuro White Whisky189,90€
Denton Cognac189,90€

Gabor brand shoes

Gabor is a German shoe brand with a rich history dating back to 1919, when Pius Gabor opened his first shoe store in Rosenheim, Germany. Despite the difficulties of the war, which led to the loss of his parents and the destruction of their store, Pius's sons Bernhard and Joachim took over the family business and continued to develop the brand.

Over the years, Gabor has succeeded in combining an elegant look with optimum comfort, attracting an increasingly younger clientele. The brand offers a range of women's and men's shoes, as well as bags. The brand's DNA is strongly focused on quality and comfort, values that have been established since the company's inception.

Since the 1950s and 1960s, Gabor has specialized and innovated by introducing new manufacturing techniques, such as the American assembly technique known as "California". In the 1970s, the brand turned to international expansion.

Today, more than 100 years after its creation, Gabor is still synonymous with experience and unrivalled quality. What's more, the brand is committed to the environment, implementing numerous programs for water conservation, animal welfare and the use of recycled materials.

Gabor's value proposition is based on three main pillars:

  • Quality and comfort Gabor shoes are renowned for their exceptional quality and comfort. Each pair is designed to offer a perfect fit, combining attractive design with ergonomic engineering for optimum comfort.
  • Innovation Gabor: Gabor has always been at the forefront of innovation in shoe manufacturing. The brand was one of the first to introduce the "California" assembly technique in Germany, and continues to innovate using modern techniques and materials.
  • Environmental responsibility Gabor is committed to environmental protection. The brand has set up numerous programs for water conservation, animal protection and the use of recycled materials. This demonstrates its commitment to being a responsible company that respects the environment.

Here is a summary table of prices at Gabor:

Shoe ModelPrice
Black Leather Sandals99€
Ballerinas Marine in Suede99€
Sables Sneakers in Suede125€
White Leather Sandals130€
White Leather Sneakers160€

Meindl brand shoes

Meindl is a mountain gear brand founded in 1683 in Bavaria, Germany. Founded by Petrus Meindl, a shoemaker from a family of shoemakers, the company began by producing sturdy, comfortable footwear for farmers before turning to the manufacture of high-end hiking boots.

Throughout its history, Meindl has always maintained an emphasis on robustness and comfort, characteristics that have become the brand's signature. By using high-quality leather as a raw material and emphasizing craftsmanship in production, Meindl has been able to maintain and enhance its reputation for quality. In 2009, the brand was selected to supply its Army Pro model shoes to French army soldiers for their missions in temperate environments.

Today, the brand continues to preserve its handcrafted production of hiking and trekking boots. The brand's production plants are still located in Germany and Hungary, and the leather used to make the shoes comes from these two countries as well as from the USA.

Meindl's value proposition is based on the following points:

  • Quality and Sustainability Meindl shoes are designed to be durable and robust, making them a trusted choice for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Comfort Meindl shoes are renowned for their comfort, an essential feature for hiking and trekking boots.
  • Crafts The company emphasizes craftsmanship in the manufacture of its shoes, using high-quality leather and employing rigorous, skilled workers.
  • Innovation : By keeping a close eye on market needs, Meindl has been able to diversify and adapt, as demonstrated by its move into the manufacture of hiking boots.

Here is a summary table of Meindl prices: 

Shoe ModelPrice
Lima GTX Herren Wanderschuhe (Brown)119,95 €
Herren Outdoor Schuh (Blue)149,99 €
Lite Hike shoes (Black)220,50 €
Perfekt Zwiegenäht Herren Wanderschuh (Brown)409,90 €
Trekkingstiefel Perfekt449,00 €

Högl brand shoes 

Högl is a brand founded in 1935 in Austria, dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality women's shoes. With over 85 years of experience, Högl emphasizes traditional Austrian craftsmanship in the creation of every pair of shoes.

Högl is fully committed to social and environmental values. Passionate about fashion and design, the brand considers its shoes an essential accessory for the modern, active woman who values her appearance.

Högl's culture is characterized by innovation and visionary thinking. With an emphasis on appreciation and respect, the brand works constantly to improve its products, focusing on quality, comfort, functionality and contemporary design with special details. Long tradition, innovative craftsmanship and pure passion are the key ingredients of success that characterize Högl to this day.

In addition to this, Högl focuses on the well-being of its employees and the environment. The brand is committed to constantly seeking out innovative, sustainable materials and investing in research and development to make its products even more environmentally friendly.

Högl's value proposition can be summarized as follows:

  • Superior quality Högl is dedicated to creating high-quality women's shoes, using traditional Austrian craftsmanship.
  • Innovation Högl: Högl emphasizes innovation and visionary thinking in the creation of its products, constantly striving to improve quality, comfort, functionality and design.
  • Social and environmental responsibility Högl is committed to social and environmental values, constantly seeking out sustainable materials and investing in environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Contemporary design Högl shoes are designed for the modern, active woman, with an emphasis on style and allure.

Here is a summary of prices at Hogl: 

Shoe ModelPrice
Patent Leather Sandals129,90 €
Other Patent Leather SandalsBetween € 139.90 and € 229.90
Patent Leather MulesBetween € 139.90 and € 229.90
Patent Leather BootsBetween € 139.90 and € 229.90
Suede boots279,90 €

Think! brand shoes 

Think! is a footwear brand that focuses on individuality, durability and comfort. The brand has always followed the maxim of producing beautiful, timeless shoes, and this remains their passion. They don't necessarily follow fashion trends, preferring to focus on creating shoes that express great individuality while respecting the principles of anatomy.

The fundamental principles of Think! are naturalness, form and individuality. The brand is committed to using renewable raw materials such as rubber and cork, as well as vegetable-tanned leather of European origin for all parts that come into direct contact with the foot. They pay particular attention to adapting their shoes to the anatomy of the human foot to preserve foot health.

For generations, Think! has been developing its shoes in the Sauwald region of Upper Austria. Here, they combine the joy of design, a love of loving detail and a passion for making shoes. Their shoes are handcrafted in Europe, involving up to 120 steps, while respecting all European environmental standards.

Think!'s value proposition is based on :

  • Naturalness The use of renewable raw materials and vegetable-tanned leather of European origin ensures environmentally-friendly production.
  • The shape Think! shoes are designed to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the human foot, promoting foot comfort and health.
  • Individuality Think!'s signature shapes allow customers to stand out from the crowd, expressing individuality while respecting the anatomy of the foot.
  • Handcrafted quality Every pair of shoes is handmade in Europe, ensuring exceptional quality while complying with all European environmental standards.

Here's a summary of prices at Think:

Shoe ModelPrice
Patent Leather Sandals129,90 €
Other Patent Leather SandalsBetween € 139.90 and € 229.90
Patent Leather MulesBetween € 139.90 and € 229.90
Patent Leather BootsBetween € 139.90 and € 229.90
Suede boots279,90 €

Tamaris brand shoes

Tamaris is a German shoe brand founded in 1967 by the Wortmann Group, initially a shoe retailer. The brand quickly gained recognition for its high-quality designs, becoming the flagship brand of the Wortmann Group.

Tamaris focuses on manufacturing women's shoes that combine aesthetic appeal with quality design. The brand pays particular attention to foot ease and comfort for every woman who wears its shoes. Tamaris offers a wide range of models, from classics to the latest trends.

Tamaris stands out for its ability to offer fashionable styles for every figure. The brand is renowned for combining several styles in a single shoe model, resulting in original and unique pairs. Whether you're a fan of sandals, pumps, ankle boots, ballerinas or even less ordinary styles like chelsea boots, Tamaris has something for you.

Tamaris' value proposition is based on three key points:

  • Quality and comfort Tamaris guarantees high design quality in its products, ensuring that each pair of shoes offers maximum comfort for the feet.
  • Aesthetics : The brand attaches great importance to the aesthetics of its shoes, enabling women to assert themselves and mark their personality.
  • Style diversity Tamaris offers a wide range of styles, from classic to trendy. What's more, the brand is known for its ability to combine several styles into a single model, creating original and unique pairs of shoes.

Here is a summary of Tamaris prices: 

Shoe ModelPrice
Women's sneakers 23789-2048,00 €
Women's loafersBetween €59.95 and €80.00
Women's SlipperBetween €59.95 and €80.00
Olla bootsBetween €59.95 and €80.00
Women's Black Stretch Suede Shoes99,00 €

How much does a German-brand shoe cost?

Here is a table that ranks shoe brands in descending order of price, based on the minimum and maximum prices available:

Shoes BrandPrice range (in €)
Meindl                            119,95 – 449,00
Adidas110 - 300 
Birkenstock70 – 300
Think129,90 – 279,90
Lloyd129,90 – 189,90
Hugo Boss55,99 – 181
Högl119,90 – 159,90
Gabor                              99 – 160
Tamaris48,00 – 99
Puma37,95 – 69,99

Disclaimer: it is important to note that the price range for a given brand may vary considerably depending on the model, place of purchase and other factors. In addition, this list only takes into account the prices of the above models and therefore cannot necessarily be considered representative of the entire product range of each brand.