TOP 10 German brands of heating stoves 

The market for wood-burning stoves is growing rapidly throughout Europe. But German models stand out, as ever, for their high quality and reliability in heating the home efficiently. To help you choose, we've selected the top 10 German stove brands. 

Viessmann wood stoves

The Viessmann brand has a long history, dating back to its creation in 1917. Founded by a German family, the company moved to France in 1965. In 1971, it opened a factory in Faulquemont, Moselle. Over the years, Viessmann has established itself as one of Europe's leading suppliers of condensing boilers, by focusing on innovation.

Viessmann attaches great importance to the well-being of its customers, and is committed to a responsible and sustainable approach. The brand offers economical, environmentally-friendly heating appliances that use different types of energy such as oil, gas, heat pumps and even solar energy with solar water heaters. These models are designed to emit low levels of pollutants, helping to preserve the environment.

In terms of its value proposition, Viessmann stands out for its constant pursuit of innovation and quality. The company invests in research and development, which earned it the R&D Initiative Award in 2016. A concrete example of this quest for innovation is the creation of a layer that reduces the temperature rise of solar panels, demonstrating Viessmann's commitment to energy efficiency.

Here is a summary table of Viessmann stove prices:

Wood stove modelPrice 
Vitoligno 100-C5 000 €
Vitoligno 300-CBetween €12,000 and €18,000

Please note that prices shown are exclusive of tax and do not include installation costs. Prices may vary according to specifications and options selected. We recommend that you contact a professional for a precise quote based on your specific needs.

Buderus wood stoves

Buderus Heiztechnik dates back to its foundation in 1731, when it began manufacturing plates for stoves and stoves. In the 19th century, the company distinguished itself with technically elaborate individual stoves, and in the following century offered high-quality products. In the 21st century, Buderus dedicated itself to the development of innovative heating techniques.

In 2008, the company was renamed Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH to strengthen its communication with the general public. The name change was intended to associate the company more closely with the Bosch name, to enhance its appeal to customers, and to capitalize on Bosch's national and international reputation. Despite this change, the Buderus brand retains its autonomous identity.

Buderus has seen a number of milestones, such as the production of the five millionth cast-iron boiler in 1998, the integration of Solar Diamant Systemtechnik GmbH in 1997, and the creation of the G 134 gas boiler equipped with an atmospheric premix burner in 1993.

Buderus' value proposition lies in its long tradition of quality and innovation. The brand offers a wide range of heating systems, including condensing gas boilers, solar systems, blue-flame burners, cogeneration modules, and heating solutions integrating solar thermal and photovoltaic components. Buderus positions itself as a supplier of complete heating systems, offering environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable products.

Over the years, Buderus has developed expertise in heating technology, benefiting from Bosch's reputation and brand awareness. Its commitment to quality, durability and comfort has made Buderus a major player in the European heating systems market.

Here is a table summarizing the prices of the various stoves at Buderus:

Thermorossi 8 kW pellet stove1 999 €
FLCO 10 kW pellet stove1 899 € 
FLCO 8 kW pellet stove1 699 € 
Buderus pellet stove (German)1 899 € 
Thermorossi 10 kW pellet stove1 999 € 
FLCO pellet stove 6 kW999 € 
Thermorossi pellet stove (very quiet)1 999 € 
Piazzetta Insert MP973 15 kW3 300 € 
Thermorossi 11 kW pellet stove2 259 € 
Thermorossi Cuba 12 12 kW pellet stove2 999 € 

Wodtke stoves

Wodtke, as a pioneer in the development of pellet stoves, has a long history of contributing to the evolution of environmentally-friendly heating. It seems that they began exploring this technology as early as 1989, at a time when it was virtually unknown in Europe. Wodtke not only developed products, but also helped establish the legal framework for this technology in Germany, demonstrating an enduring commitment to the development of environmentally-friendly heating solutions.

Wodtke's wood pellet stoves are CO2-neutral, which means they add no additional CO2 to the atmosphere when in use. This represents an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, enabling consumers to reduce their dependence on more polluting and increasingly expensive energy sources such as oil and gas.

Wodtke's value proposition is based on three main pillars: ecology, economy and quality of life. In ecological terms, their products are designed to reduce users' carbon footprint, using wood pellets as fuel, which is a renewable, environmentally-friendly energy source. 

Economically, they offer an alternative to traditional energy sources, which are often more costly. Finally, in terms of quality of life, Wodtke products aim to provide efficient, comfortable heating, contributing to a general improvement in domestic comfort.

Here's a table summarizing the prices of the various Wodtke brand stoves:

Stove modelFuel typePrice
Wodtke Crasy.nrg air+Granules6825,05€
Wodtke Family.nrg selection air+Granules5203,72€
Wodtke Giro water+ HydroWood6647,67€

Austroflamm brand stoves 

Austroflamm was founded in 1983 by Ferdinand Huemer. Since its inception, the family-owned company has established itself as a world leader in combustion technology and particulate emissions, producing over 9,000 products a year.

Austroflamm's history is marked by a constant drive for innovation and differentiation. They stand out for their unique designs, such as porthole-shaped glass and doors, which offer a distinctive, modern touch to their pellet stoves. This attention to design responds to growing customer demand for products that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to a variety of interior environments.

Austroflamm's value proposition rests on several key pillars. Firstly, as a world leader in combustion technology, Austroflamm offers highly efficient and environmentally friendly products, helping to reduce emissions of particulate pollutants. Secondly, the company offers innovative, modern designs that stand out from conventional pellet stove models, responding to customer demand for products that combine functionality and aesthetics. Finally, as a family-run business, Austroflamm is likely to be able to offer high-quality, personalized customer service, reinforcing its overall value proposition.

Here is a summary table of Austroflamm stoves and their prices:

ModelPrice incl. VAT (excluding delivery charges)
Bono Xtra4 390 €
Koko 2,03 590 €
Pallas4 490 €
Uno Xtra4 590 €
Wien2 290 €
Xtra Nail5 490 €
Pellet nail6 290 €
Duo nail8 990 €

Wolf brand stoves

The history of the Wolf brand dates back to 1963, when the Wolf brothers founded the company in Mainburg, Germany. Since its inception, the brand has focused on the development and manufacture of innovative, high-quality heating solutions. Over the decades, Wolf has grown steadily to become an internationally recognized brand.

Wolf's value proposition :

  • Robustness and performance Wolf is committed to providing robust, high-performance heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and solar energy products. Their products are designed to last over time and deliver optimum performance.
  • Technological innovation Wolf is distinguished by its innovation-driven approach. The brand continually invests in research and development to offer state-of-the-art heating and air-conditioning solutions. The result is efficient, energy-efficient products tailored to customer needs.
  • Wide range of products Wolf: Wolf offers a wide range of products to meet different heating, air-conditioning and ventilation needs. Their catalog includes gas boilers, heat pumps, air conditioning systems, fans, solar systems and much more.
  • Commitment to sustainability As a responsible brand, Wolf places great importance on sustainability. Their products incorporate energy-efficient features to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. They also strive to develop environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solutions.

By choosing a Wolf gas boiler or any of the brand's other products, customers benefit from a combination of reliability, high performance, technological innovation and a commitment to sustainability. Wolf thus offers an attractive value proposition for those seeking quality heating and cooling solutions.

Here is a summary of Wolf brand stove prices:

CGW-2 - WOLF4 647 €
FGB - WOLF3 071 €
CGB-2 - WOLF3 734 €

Rika stoves 

RIKA Innovative Ofentechnik GmbH was founded in Micheldorf in 1951. Since its foundation, the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of high-end fireplace stoves, including a leading position in the pellet stove market in the United States. German-speaking countries.

Run as a family business by Karl Riener, the second generation, RIKA has always been committed to improving the quality of life through its products. Their mission is to continually set new standards in terms of quality, innovation and design. 

This is reflected in the constant development of their stoves, both in terms of form and function, which has led to a wide range of products including fireplace stoves, pellet stoves, combination stoves and heating inserts.

RIKA is recognized as a pioneer in its sector, with long experience in stove manufacture and product innovation. For example, it produced Europe's first pellet stove. RIKA is also committed to sustainability, as demonstrated by the "Green Innovation" seal on its products. It is committed to complying with all the requirements of the most stringent international directives, and to submitting to their certification. RIKA has also been awarded the Energy Globe Award, the world's most important environmental prize.

RIKA's value proposition is based on high product quality, constant innovation, elegant design and respect for the environment. The company strives to continually improve the functionality and aesthetics of its stoves, while complying with the strictest environmental standards. Ultimately, RIKA strives to improve its customers' quality of life by offering heating solutions that are efficient, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Here is a summary table of Rika stoves and their respective prices:

Stove modelPrice excl.
Rika Domo from € 5490
Rika Livoaround €3,000
Rika Corsoaround €4,300

Haas Sohn stoves

The story of Haas & Sohn began in 1854 when Wilhelm Ernst Haas senior and his son, Wilhelm Ernst Haas junior, acquired the "Neuhoffnungshütten" foundry. The company began specializing in stove and oven construction in the 1970s, and has since grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the German-speaking world. Today, Haas & Sohn offers a complete range of products, from wood-burning stoves to innovative stoves, pellet stoves and even oil and coal stoves.

Haas & Sohn's value proposition is based on constant model innovation, style variety and far-reaching design. The company uses noble materials, high-quality surfaces and offers a wide range of colors for their products. Their aim is to create stoves that not only work efficiently but are also aesthetically pleasing, forming a harmonious whole between appearance and functionality.

The Haas & Sohn brand offers stoves to suit a variety of needs and preferences, and is determined to maintain a high level of quality through constant innovation and attention to detail. 

In short, the value that Haas & Sohn offers its customers lies in its combination of functionality, elegant design, and varied choice. This gives customers the opportunity to choose a product that not only meets their heating needs, but also blends in perfectly with their interior.

Here is a summary table of prices for Haas & Sohn boilers:

Stove modelStove typePrices from
Haas + Sohn 2.17Pellet stove 2200€
Haas+Sohn HSP 8 Home-II 445.08Pellet stove5079,99€
Haas+Sohn HSP 8 Home-II 445.08 Black/WhitePellet stove5079,99€
Haas+Sohn Capri 6 kW (400.50)Oil stove749,00€
Haas+Sohn London easy (347.15)Wood-burning stove2069,99€

Bosch stoves

The Bosch Group was founded in Germany in 1886 by Robert Bosch. Since then, the company has grown steadily to become a major player in technology and services. In 1899, Bosch moved to France and opened its first production site in Paris in 1905. Today, the Bosch Group is present all over the world and has 23 sites in France, covering all the company's activities, including research and development.

Bosch value proposition :

  • Innovative technologies and services Bosch is a global supplier of technology and services. The Group offers innovative solutions in diverse fields such as mobility, industrial technologies, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. Bosch is also a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), offering solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility and connected industry.
  • Interconnectivity IoT: Bosch uses its expertise in sensor technology, software and services to offer customers interconnected solutions from a single source. The Group uses its own IoT Cloud to connect different business areas and offer cross-domain solutions.
  • Improved quality of life The Bosch Group's strategic focus is on solutions for interconnected living. Bosch aims to improve the quality of life by offering innovative products and services worldwide. The Group focuses on technologies for life, offering solutions that contribute to making life more convenient, safe and sustainable.

The Bosch Group also has a rich history in technology and services. It stands out for its commitment to innovation, its expertise in connectivity and its drive to improve quality of life through advanced technological solutions.

Here is a summary table of Bosch wood and pellet stoves and their prices: 

StoveApproximate price range
Bosch Stove 33800 € – 1 500 €
Bosch Stove 51 pellet stove2 000 € – 3 500 €
Bosch Store 53 pellet stove1 500 € – 2 500 €

Schiedel stoves

In 1946, Friedrich Schiedel founded Erbacher Bauwaren in Erbach, near Ulm. In 1947, the Erbach concrete plant began specializing in the production of chimneys, which in 1951 evolved into the manufacture of double-walled chimneys. From then on, the company produced under the name "Schiedel" with 17 employees on its own premises. In 1952, fireplace production was also launched in Munich, and between 1961 and 1966, several production and sales facilities were built in the metropolitan regions of Germany, as well as in Nussbach, Austria.

In 1971, a new headquarters building is erected in Munich. From 1971 to 1990, Friedrich Schiedel continued to develop the company, becoming sole shareholder of Friedrich Schiedel Holding GmbH in Austria. In 1990, the Schiedel group of companies moved to Germany, followed by Austria in 1991, where it joined Braas GmbH. Today, Schiedel is present in over 25 countries and operates 20 ceramics and steel plants.

Schiedel's value proposition :

  • Sustainable complete systems Schiedel offers complete systems of fireplaces, stoves and ventilation solutions designed to be durable and well engineered. Schiedel products offer safety, comfort and independence, enabling energy-efficient heating and ventilation.
  • Intelligent assembly solutions Schiedel offers intelligent assembly solutions to facilitate the installation and use of its products. These solutions guarantee efficient use and optimum performance.
  • Customer-oriented service Service: Schiedel attaches great importance to customer-oriented service. The company emphasizes customer satisfaction by offering technical support, personalized advice and assistance throughout the entire process of purchasing and using its products.

Schiedel is also a brand with a long history in the field of fireplaces, stoves and ventilation solutions. It stands out for its expertise in designing sustainable complete systems, its intelligent assembly solutions and its customer-focused service. Schiedel aims to offer its customers safety, comfort and independence, while promoting energy-efficient heating and ventilation.

Here is an overview of Schiedel stoves:

StoveApproximate price range
KINGFIRE fireplace insert2 000 € – 4 000 €
ABSOLUT and LIVING stove3 000 € – 6 000 €

KWB brand stoves (Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse)

KWB was founded in Austria in 1994. Since its inception, the brand has specialized in the development of innovative, sustainable heating solutions based on the use of biomass. It quickly established itself as a major player in the field of innovative wood-fired boilers. Over the years, KWB has continued to innovate and expand its product range to meet evolving market needs.

KWB's value proposition:

  • Innovative heating solutions KWB is a specialist in innovative wood-fired boilers. The brand offers a complete range of pellet, woodchip and log boilers, providing a solution tailored to different customer preferences and needs.
  • Quality and durability KWB is committed to product quality and durability. KWB boilers are designed for performance and reliability, while complying with the most stringent environmental standards. They offer efficient combustion, reducing pollutant emissions and helping to preserve the environment.
  • Innovation and advanced technology KWB: KWB invests in research and development to offer state-of-the-art heating solutions. The brand integrates innovative features and advanced control systems into its boilers, offering a practical and efficient heating experience.
  • Commitment to biomass KWB: KWB promotes the use of biomass as a renewable energy source. KWB boilers enable users to take advantage of local biomass resources, such as pellets, wood chips or logs, offering an ecological and economical alternative to fossil fuels.

Here is a summary table of KWB stoves and their prices:

StovesApproximate price range
EASYFIRE pellet stoves8 000 € – 15 000 €
CLASSICFIRE wood stoves7 000 € – 12 000 €
MULTIFIRE wood stoves10 000 € – 18 000 €

How much does a German-brand stove cost?

Here is a summary table listing the brands in descending order of price, with the approximate price range for each brand:

Stove brandApproximate price range
KWB7 000 € – 18 000 €
Viessmann5 000 € – 18 000 €
Schiedel2 000 € – 6 000 €
Buderus999 € – 3 300 €
Wodtke5 355 € – 6 825,05 €
Austroflamm2 290 € – 8 990 €
Wolf3 071 € – 4 647 €
Rika3,000 € - 5,490 € EXCL. TAX
Haas & Sohn749,00 € – 5 079,99 €
Bosch800 € – 3 500 €

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary according to various factors. We recommend that you consult specialist dealers or websites for the most accurate and up-to-date prices for different brands of stoves and boilers.