TOP 10 German motorhome brands 

German motorhome brands are on a roll. The reason: the eternal reliability of the German automobile, as well as aesthetics and finishes that suit even the most skeptical. We have selected the top 10 German motorhome brands on the market. 

Hymer motorhome brand

Hymer is an iconic brand in the motorhome industry, with a rich history dating back to its foundation in 1923. Founded by Erwin Hymer in Germany, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of high-quality motorhomes.

Hymer's history is marked by a constant commitment to innovation and quality. From the outset, the brand has sought to offer its customers reliable, comfortable motorhomes that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Hymer has always been at the forefront of new technologies and industry trends, earning a solid reputation.

Hymer's value proposition is based on several key aspects. First, the brand stands out for the superior quality of its products. Hymer motorhomes are renowned for their solid construction, durability and reliability, offering travelers a comfortable and safe camping experience.

What's more, Hymer focuses on constant innovation. The brand seeks to incorporate the latest technological advances and ergonomic improvements into its motorhomes. This translates into innovative features, intelligent layouts and state-of-the-art equipment that make motorhome travel more enjoyable and practical.

Hymer also offers a wide range of models to meet the diverse needs and preferences of motorhome enthusiasts. From compact motorhomes to more spacious and luxurious vehicles, the brand offers a variety of options to suit the different lifestyles and requirements of its customers.

Here is a table showing prices for Hymer motorhomes: 

Profilefrom €63,510
Intégralfrom €76,430
Vanfrom €46,150

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary according to customization options. Please visit the official Hymer website to find out more about model prices. 

Dethleffs motorhome brand

The Dethleffs brand was born in the early 1930s in Germany, when Arist Dethleffs built the very first caravan, which he dubbed "the car for living". Since then, the brand's history has been marked by many innovative layout ideas and tricks to adapt caravans and motorhomes to travel. With 90 years' experience and a keen eye for customer needs, Dethleffs has become "the friend of the family".

Today, the Dethleffs brand remains a benchmark in the motorhome market, thanks to its wide range of models and its new Just and Globebus ranges. From the 35 compact Globebus models to the 8.9-meter heavy-duty A-Class, Dethleffs offers a comprehensive range of models to satisfy every desire for travel and adventure, whether as a couple, with family or friends.

The Dethleffs value proposition is based on several key aspects. First, the brand emphasizes the experience accumulated over its 90-year history, which translates into solid expertise and in-depth knowledge of travelers' needs. Dethleffs has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted brand, offering durable, well-designed motorhomes.

Secondly, Dethleffs stands out for its commitment to innovation and adaptability. The brand is constantly seeking new ideas and solutions to improve interior layouts, offer functional spaces and optimize the use of space in its motorhomes. This approach allows travelers to enjoy optimum comfort and practical tips to facilitate their adventures on the road.

Here is a summary table of prices for Dethleffs motorhomes:

Globebus I 1 - Fiat 2.2 L 140 CV86 810,00 €
Trend I 675767 900,00 €
Just Go T 7055 EBL - Ford 2 L 130CV77 725,00 €
Just Go T 7055 DBL - Ford 2 L 160CV79 235,00 €
Globebus I7 - Fiat 130 CV69 900,00 €
Just Go T 7055 DBL - Ford 2 L 130CV73 390,00 €

Motorhome brand Bürstner

For 60 years, Bürstner has been creating caravans on the French-German border, combining savoir-vivre and precision. In 1986, Bürstner began producing motorhomes, and quickly made a name for itself with the invention of semi-integrated motorhomes, as well as with individual layouts, creative ideas and unique design. The semi-integrated motorhomes with roof bed (2008) and the caravans with roof bed (2009) made their mark on the industry with their unconventional, trend-setting solutions.

Bürstner vehicles are distinguished by their harmonious interiors and longevity, embodying the pleasures of travel with a special touch. This has created a close relationship between Bürstner and its customers, with fans all over the world.

Bürstner offers a range of products including converted vans, semi-integrated motorhomes, integrated motorhomes, alcove motorhomes and, of course, caravans. The brand describes itself best with its own neologism: "living well" - a habitat offering maximum comfort, visible, sensitive and experienced with all the senses. At the heart of this approach are high-quality materials, ergonomic solutions and well-thought-out functionality.

Bürstner's value proposition is based on several key elements. First, the brand emphasizes the superior quality of its materials, guaranteeing long-term durability and reliability. Secondly, Bürstner stands out for its ergonomic solutions, offering well-designed interiors for optimum comfort. What's more, the brand focuses on well-thought-out features that enhance the travel experience and make life on board easier.

Here's a summary of motorhome prices at Bürstner:

ModelPrices from
Lineo T67 700,00 €
Nexxo Van63 300,00 €
Lyseo TD Limited Edition77 810,00 €
Lyseo TD Privilège77 860,00 €
Lyseo Gallery TD Harmony Line99 990,00 €

Carthago motorhome brand

Carthago is a brand with a 40-year history of excellence, premium quality, diversity and technical know-how. Over the years, the company has undergone many changes, including the expansion of its headquarters in Aulendorf, Germany, with a large showroom, and the opening of a factory in Odranci, Slovenia.

Today, Carthago has over 1,500 employees, more than 200 partners at home and abroad, and an ever-expanding range of motorhome models. However, one thing hasn't changed: every Carthago is designed with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Despite the use of modern production methods, the company retains its commitment to the traditional craftsmanship that has characterized its motorhomes for over 40 years.

Carthago was created with passion and dedication, with a commitment to its customers. In 2014, the Carthago Foundation was created to seal this independence and will be preserved in the future. This foundation ensures that Carthago remains an owner-managed family business, with a high level of human performance, passion and personal commitment.

To continue offering a premium experience in the decades to come, Carthago relies on rapid implementation of its ideas, creativity and respect for its premium DNA. The brand is distinguished by its ambition to provide high-quality motorhomes, offering luxurious interiors, state-of-the-art equipment and meticulous attention to detail. Carthago's value proposition lies in its ability to create high-end leisure vehicles that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of quality, comfort and design.

Whether online, at trade shows, in Carthago City or at dealerships, Carthago invites motorhome owners to discover its product range for themselves and experience the company's passion and commitment.

Here's a summary of prices for Carthago motorhomes:

Carthago Chic E-Line I 51 QB Yachting P194 137 €
Carthago C-Tourer I 150 QB170 804 €
Carthago C-Tourer I 150 QB162 775 €
Carthago Malibu Compact 540 DB73 461 €
Carthago C-Tourer I 150 QB163 470 €
Carthago C-Tourer I 143 LE147 110 €
Carthago C-Compactline I 143 LE119 635 €
Carthago C-Compactline I 141 LE163 559 €
Carthago C-Tourer I 141 LE130 580 €

Concorde motorhome brand

Concorde is a manufacturer of exclusive luxury motorhomes that embodies the passion for motorhomes. The company emphasizes exemplary manufacturing quality, innovation, economic and ecological sustainability, and the stable value of its products. This corporate philosophy has established a solid tradition and intense relationship with customers, while respecting the entire caravanning sector.

Concorde's history goes back over 40 years, marked by the evolution of the folding caravan into the luxury motorhome. Over the years, Concorde has become a European driver of innovation in the luxury motorhome segment. Its production, development and warehousing site in Schlüsselfeld-Aschbach, Green Franconia, covers 12,000 m² and employs over 380 people.

The company attaches great importance to social benefits and the well-being of its employees. As a company with a works council, Concorde offers a performance-related salary, target bonuses, a "bonus de vacation and NoëlA birthday present, plus benefits such as vouchers for work clothes and shoes.

Concorde's value proposition is based on trust, safety and durability. Motorhome owners throughout Europe associate the brand with these value characteristics. As a manufacturer of luxury motorhomes, Concorde stands out for its craftsmanship, commitment to quality and attention to detail. 

The brand offers a range of exclusive motorhomes and features inspiring events, wild parties, attractive trips and shows, inviting enthusiasts to live their motorhome passion to the full with Concorde.

Here is a summary of prices for Concorde motorhomes:

Carver260.100 €
Charisma284.800 €
Cruiser206.150 €
Liner412.850 €
Centurion415.750 €

Motorhome brand Niesmann+Bischoff

Niesmann + Bischoff is a specialist manufacturer of luxury motorhomes that has embodied technological innovation and maximum quality for over three decades. The brand has won numerous awards for its outstanding design.

At Niesmann + Bischoff, individualization is a priority. High-quality motorhomes are not simply bought as they are, but are customized with intelligent details, thoughtful features, individual design and much more. Visit series Arto, Flair and Smove models offer countless detailing solutions. During the design phase, customers can benefit from the expertise of the brand's consultants.

The technical substance of motorhomes from Niesmann + Bischoff also meets the highest expectations. In 2018, the brand presented the first and only luxury version with integrated driver and passenger airbags. Niesmann + Bischoff's innovative solutions, such as the unique bus flap system integrated into the side skirts and central locking for the element door and all storage flaps, bear witness to their practical and innovative approach.

Customers who choose a Niesmann + Bischoff vehicle appreciate both its aesthetics and its cutting-edge performance, and deliberately opt for a prestigious presence. The brand distinguishes itself through a carefully crafted brand profile for its vehicles, and has won numerous awards for its distinctive design. Niesmann + Bischoff's value proposition lies in the combination of aesthetics, state-of-the-art performance and individualization, offering customers a luxurious and prestigious motorhome experience.

Here is an overview of the motorhomes in the Classic series from Niesmann + Bischoff:

Classic LV6.8 LF115 900 €
Classic LV7.2 CF116 900 €
Classic LV7.2 GJF116 900 €
Classic LV7.5 CF121 900 €
Classic LV7.5 GJF121 900 €
Classic LV7.8 CF126 900 €
Classic LV7.8 GJF126 900 €
Classic LV7.8 CL126 900 €
Classic LV7.8 GJL126 900 €
Classic LV7.8 JF126 900 €
Classic LV7.8 LU126 900 €

Laika motorhome brand

The Laika motorhome brand was created by Giovambattista Moscardini a few decades ago with a vision inspired by space exploration. His aim was to enhance traveler comfort using cutting-edge technologies.

In 1964, Laika launched its very first caravan model, the Laika 500, which featured a major innovation: the ability to lower the upper part of the vehicle during travel. Laika subsequently developed several other models before officially opening its factory in 1974. Giovambattista Moscardini's team spent several years developing the famous Moterpolo series, which gained worldwide renown for the performance of its motorhomes. In 1992, Laika launched the iconic Ecovip series, followed in 1999 by the Kreos series.

In the early 2000s, Laika was taken over by Erwin Hymer, marking the start of a period of success and continuous innovation. In 2018, Laika introduced the acclaimed Kosmo series to the market.

Laika offers a range of top-of-the-range motorhomes, focusing on quality, design, comfort and technological innovation. Their vehicles offer advanced features, elegant and well-designed interiors, and meticulous attention to detail. The brand strives to provide a luxurious and enjoyable travel experience for its customers, offering a combination of style, performance and functionality.

Laika's value proposition is based on its long history of innovation and pursuit of excellence, as well as its commitment to offering superior quality products. The brand stands out for its distinctive Italian design, solid construction, advanced technologies and attention to detail. Laika aims to offer its customers an exceptional travel experience and maximum comfort, enabling them to make the most of their motorhome adventures.

Here is a summary table of the basic prices for the various Laika motorhome series:

ModelsBase price 
Kosmo Compact43,990 € (Compact 5)
Kosmo profiles54,990 (Profile 209)
Kosmo Capucine56 990 € (F510)
Kosmo Integral67,990 € (A-Class 909)
Ecovip profiles66 990 € (L2009)
Ecovip Integral82 590 € (H 2109)
Kreos 5000 Profiles89 990 € (5009)
Kreos 7000 A-Class107 990 € (7009)
Kreos 8000 A-Class133 610 € (8002)

Motorhome brand Knaus

The KNAUS motorhome brand was founded by Helmut Knaus in 1960. Inspired by his vision of freedom and being at home anywhere, he created the first KNAUS caravan, nicknamed the "Swallow's Nest". It was the start of a success story that has endured for 60 years.

With revolutionary ideas and innovative strength, Helmut Knaus built a powerful brand in Europe. Today, KNAUS is one of the continent's most successful manufacturers of recreational vehicles. The brand offers a wide range of motorhomes and caravans that combine quality, modern design and good ideas.

KNAUS stands for innovation, tradition and passion. Every camper model conveys Helmut Knaus' values and objectives. Whether versatile camper vans, VAN TI PLUS allroad models or ultra-light DESEO caravans, each vehicle represents superior quality and offers a comfortable travel experience.

The KNAUS value proposition is based on manufacturing quality, modern design, contemporary equipment and a variety of implementations. The brand aims to offer affordable, versatile, high-quality products that meet the needs and demands of customers. Innovation, tradition and passion are the pillars of the KNAUS brand, which has embodied freedom of movement for 60 years.

Here is a summary table of prices for KNAUS motorhomes:

KNAUS BoxStar 600-Street-60-YEARS76 890 €
KNAUS Van-TI-Plus 650-MEG-Platinum-Selection88 950 €
KNAUS TI 700 - niedrige Einzelbetten/Heckbad/ALDE57 700 €
KNAUS 3,0 Liter Power, Sport TI 600 MG- gepflegt39 900 €
KNAUS Boxdrive 680 ME57,815 (EXCL. VAT)
KNAUS Van-TI-Plus 650-MEG-Platinum-Selection85 590 €
KNAUS Boxdrive 680 ME61,997 € (EXCL. VAT)

Motorhome brand Hobby

Hobby is a German leisure vehicle brand with over 50 years' experience in the industry. Founded several decades ago, Hobby has built a solid reputation as the price/performance leader in motorhomes and vans.

The Hobby brand stands out for its commitment to quality. Every year, more than 15,000 vehicles are produced in Hobby's workshops, all meeting the high standards of the "made in Germany" label. Emphasis is placed on the thoughtful design of layout plans and the provision of a wide range of equipment to offer a comfortable and practical travel experience.

Hobby offers a wide range of motorhome and van models to meet the needs and preferences of travelers. Whether you're looking for a compact motorhome or a spacious vehicle, Hobby offers a variety of options with different interior layouts and features. Hobby vehicles are renowned for their functionality, comfort and durability.

Hobby's value proposition lies in its commitment to quality, choice and affordability. When purchasing a Hobby vehicle, you can expect a high level of quality, thoughtful features and excellent value. Hobby is the right choice for travelers looking for a reliable, comfortable and affordable recreational vehicle to create unforgettable moments during their vacations.

Here's a summary table of prices for different models of Hobby vehicles:

HOBBY V65 Premium65 900 €
HOBBY Beachy 450 (new)17 190 €
HOBBY De-Luxe 495-UL-IC-Line (new)30 490 €
HOBBY De-Luxe 545-KMF-IC-Line (new)33 990 €
HOBBY De-Luxe 540-UL-Vöpel-40-Jahre (new)30 590 €
HOBBY 515-UHL (new)29 890 €
HOBBY Excellent 540-WFU (new)28 990 €

Weinsberg motorhome brand

Weinsberg is a German brand that started out in the converted van sector in 1969. Its first model was based on a Fiat 238 with a pop-up roof. Since then, the brand has evolved to become a benchmark in the van market.

Weinsberg's history dates back to the hippie years, when the brand launched its first compact van with a pop-up roof. This model was equipped with a sink, a stove, a mini-fridge and a living room convertible into a bed. It was designed to offer a mobile living experience, while retaining the original utilitarian vocation of the base vehicle.

Over the years, Weinsberg continued to develop its range of converted vans based on various Fiat models, notably the Fiat 238 and its successor the 238 E. In the 1980s, with the launch of the Fiat Ducato, Weinsberg introduced models from the Cosmos range with a flat lift-up roof or insulated high roof. Some models even offered additional equipment such as an on-board toilet.

In 1992, Weinsberg's motorhome division was transferred to Tabbert Industrie AG, leading to a restructuring of the brand's product range. Production of the Cosmos model was discontinued at this time.

Weinsberg stands out for its heritage in the field of converted vans, offering compact, functional vehicles for camping and nomadic travel enthusiasts. Weinsberg's value proposition lies in the combination of attractive design, thoughtful amenities and German-made quality. The brand aims to offer affordable and versatile vehicles, enabling camping and adventure enthusiasts to experience unforgettable moments aboard their Weinsberg vans.

Here is a table summarizing the prices of the various Weinsberg caming-car models:

ModelPrice (incl. VAT)
X-Cursion Van65 900 €
CaraCompactFrom €76,802 *
CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER]From €67,912 *
CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] MBFrom €79,512 *
CaraLoftStarting at €68,432 *
CaraSuiteFrom €73,002 *
CaraHomeFrom €66,342 *
CaraCoreStarting at €80,732 *

How much does a German motorhome cost?

Here is the ranking of motorhome brands in descending order of price, with the approximate price range for each brand:

BrandApproximate price range (incl. VAT)
Concorde206 150 € – 415 750 €
Carthago73 461 € – 194 137 €
Laika 43.690€ – 133 610 €
Niesmann + Bischoff115 900 € – 126 900 €
HymerFrom €46,150
Bürstner63 300 € – 99 990 €
KNAUS39 900 € – 88 950 €
Hobby17 190 € – 65 900 €
Weinsberg65 900 € – 80 732 €
Dethleffs67 900 € – 86 810 €

Please note that prices quoted are approximate and may vary according to models, options and configurations selected. We recommend contacting the respective dealers for more precise information on prices and availability.