TOP 10 German backpack brands 

The backpack is much more than a storage tool, it's an everyday companion. But choosing the right backpack isn't always easy, given the range available on the market. Opt for German brand bags renowned for their quality and design. We have selected 10 of the most reliable German backpack brands. 

Deuter backpacks 

The Deuter story, as you mentioned, began in 1898 when Hans Deuter founded the company, initially supplying bags for the Bavarian Post Office. Over time, the company evolved to become a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality backpacks for a variety of outdoor activities.

The company is best known for its innovations in backpack design, many of which have become outdoor industry standards. For example, Deuter created the stretched mesh back in 1984, which allows optimal ventilation in the back, reducing perspiration. They also developed the first "Bike" bag on the market in 1991, and introduced the "Shield System" in 2005, an integrated back protection system in their backpacks.

Deuter's value proposition lies in its long tradition of innovation and quality. The company works closely with professional athletes to develop and test its products, enabling Deuter to design backpacks that meet the specific needs of outdoor activities. Their bags are designed to be durable, functional and comfortable, making them a popular choice among hikers, cyclists, mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Deuter is also committed to respecting the environment and workers' rights. They work with the Fair Wear Foundation to improve working conditions in textile factories, and they comply with the Bluesign standard, one of the most stringent environmental standards in the textile industry. In addition, Deuter only uses down and feathers that have been awarded the Responsible Down Standard, guaranteeing animal welfare.

Overall, Deuter offers a wide range of high-quality backpacks designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, while committing to high ethical and environmental standards.

Here's a table summarizing the prices of Deuter backpacks:

Deuter Gogo Everyday Backpack Mixed55,00€
Deuter Speed Lite 25 Hiking Backpack Mixed75,04€
Deuter Futura 25 SL Women's hiking backpack113,83€
Deuter Speed Lite 21 Hiking Backpack Mixed55,99€
Deuter Futura 27 Hiking bag Mixed96,70€ – 214,47€
Deuter Ac Lite 17 Hiking Backpack Mixed72,48€ – 129,49€
Deuter Speed Lite 17 Hiking Backpack Mixed55,29€
Deuter Futura 21 Sl Women's hiking bag100,99€ – 168,03€
Deuter Speed Lite 13 Hiking Backpack Mixed51,99€
Deuter Futura 23 Backpack Mixed94,93€ – 168,03€
Deuter Ac Lite 21 Sl Women's hiking backpack88,19€
Deuter Junior Backpack for children50,08€
Deuter Schmusebär children's backpack38,99€
Deuter Futura 32 Hiking bag Mixed118,99€
Deuter Futura 30 SL Hiking backpack for women117,15€ – 229,44€
Deuter Speed Lite 23 Sl Women's hiking backpack99,99€
Deuter AC Lite 22 SL Women's hiking backpack98,15€
Deuter Aircontact Lite 45 + 10 Sl Women's trekking backpack145,51€ – 281,53€
Deuter Ac Lite 16 Backpack Mixed80,58€
Deuter Futura 30 SL Backpack - SS23117,16€ – 221,20€
Deuter Futura 23 Hiking backpack103,46€
Deuter Futura 24 SL Hiking backpack for women117,99€
Deuter Futura 23 Men's hiking backpack115,99€

Please note that these prices are subject to change, and do not include delivery charges. In addition, some prices vary according to the size and color of the backpack.

VAUDE backpacks

VAUDE is a well-known German company in the field of mountain sports and outdoor equipment. Founded in 1974 by Albrecht von Dewitz, a passionate mountain sportsman, the brand took its name from its initials v.D (pronounced [faou'dé]).

Starting out as a small one-man business, it quickly grew to become one of Europe's leading mountain sports brands. Since 2009, the company has been run by Albrecht's daughter, Antje von Dewitz.

The VAUDE product range is wide and varied, covering everything from outdoor clothing (jackets, pants, etc.), to backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and even cycling gear. The brand's products are renowned for their durability, quality and functionality, making them ideal for mountain and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

VAUDE's value proposition is based on three main pillars:

  • Quality VAUDE guarantees high-quality products designed to withstand tough conditions. Their equipment is tested to ensure exceptional durability and resistance;
  • Durability VAUDE is committed to sustainability. They seek to minimize their environmental impact by using recycled materials and ensuring that their production process is environmentally friendly. In 2010, VAUDE was the first outdoor company to receive the Green Shape label for its environmentally-friendly products; 
  • Innovation VAUDE is also known for innovation, constantly seeking new technologies and materials to improve its products.

Here is a summary table of VAUDE backpack prices:

Backpack modelPrice
Wizard 24+4 Brand new140,00 €
Wizard 18+4120,00 €
Tacora 26+3 (Women's)140,00 €
Magus 20100,00 €
Skomer 16 (Female)110,00 €
Brenta 30145,00 €
Wizard 30+4 Brand new150,00 €
Brenta 24135,00 €
Jura 24115,00 €
Tacora 22 (Female)125,00 €
Magus 26110,00 €
Skomer 24 (Female)120,00 €
Jura 18100,00 €
Neyland Zip 20120,00 €
Uphill Air 18110,00 €
Neyland Zip 26140,00 €
Uphill Air 24130,00 €
Jura 32130,00 €
Neyland 18 (Female)120,00 €
Proof 22170,00 €
Neyland 24140,00 €
Brenta 36+6170,00 €
Bike Alpin Pro 28 +180,00 €
Brenta 44+6180,00 €

Tatonka Backpacks 

Tatonka is a well-known German outdoor brand. Founded in 1993, its name, which means "Bison" in the Sioux language, is taken from the film "Dances with Wolves". The bison, symbol of nature, freedom and strength, perfectly illustrates the spirit of the brand, which offers sturdy, reliable products designed to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor life.

The choice of this name also reflects the brand's determination to achieve its goals, just like the bison, a determined and resilient animal. As a family-run business, Tatonka emphasizes the values of proximity and responsiveness, thanks to a flat organizational structure that favors rapid decision-making and close relations with its employees and distributors.

The brand's products are designed in Dasing, Germany, and manufactured in Vietnam, in the brand's own factories. This enables Tatonka to control the entire production process, from design to manufacture, to guarantee the quality and reliability of its products.

Tatonka's value proposition lies in its wide range of products for outdoor activities. From bivouac gear to technical textiles, the brand also offers a wide variety of luggage, including travel bags and backpacks. So, whether you're heading out on an excursion or an expedition, Tatonka is committed to making these moments unforgettable by providing you with quality, robust and functional equipment.

Here's a summary of Tatonka backpack prices:

ProductPublic Price
TATONKA Barrel XXL 2023190 €
TATONKA Cima Di Basso 22 202395 €
TATONKA Cima Di Basso 35 2023115 €
TATONKA Cima Di Basso 38 W RECCO 2023200 €
TATONKA Cima Di Basso 40 RECCO 2023200 €

Jack Wolfskin backpacks 

Jack Wolfskin is a brand that was founded on the idea that discovery and adventure should be within everyone's reach, and this idea continues to guide the brand today. Inspired by moments of sharing around a campfire, Jack Wolfskin's mission is to make nature accessible to all by offering sustainable and innovative solutions in outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment.

Jack Wolfskin's value proposition:

Sustainable products: Jack Wolfskin is committed to developing products that respect the environment. This translates into the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing practices that minimize environmental impact.

  • Innovation Jack Wolfskin is known for its innovative spirit. The brand constantly strives to incorporate the latest advances in engineering, technology and design into its products.
  • Versatility Jack Wolfskin products are designed for a wide range of activities, from bikepacking and ski touring to camping and hiking. The brand also offers products adapted to everyday life, making travel and adventures more enjoyable.
  • Encouraging discovery The brand seeks to encourage people to get out and discover nature, to live out their wanderlust and spend time outdoors to recharge their batteries.

Here is a summary of backpack prices at Jack Wolskin : 

ModelMinimum price
Athmos Shape 2082,46 €
Cariboo (2009972)25,20 €
Cariboo (2009972) midnight blue28,00 €
Athmos Shape 20 tango orange97,46 €
3D Aerorise 40 (2010951)337,46 €
Velo Jam 15 (2010291)50,41 €
Moab Jam Pro 30.588,44 €
Helsinki Rolltop ultra black97,46 €
Wolftrail 28 Recco104,96 €
Athmos Shape 16 thunder blue63,44 €
Athmos Shape 1663,44 €
Wolftrail 28 Recco adrenaline red104,96 €
Athmos Shape 20 phantom97,46 €
Crosstrail 24 LT (2009552)75,99 €
Wolftrail 28 Recco phantom119,96 €
Athmos Shape 2877,48 €
Velocity 12 (2010302) gecko green59,96 €
Wolftrail 34 Recco120,00 €
Moab Jam Pro 24.5 gecko green127,46 €
Athmos Shape 2472,59 €
Phantasy 20.5 St78,65 €
Wolftrail 22 Recco79,99 €
Velocity 12 (2010302)54,42 €
Moab Jam Pro 18.575,62 €
Crosstrail 30 ST104,96 €
Ancona (2005323)29,02 €
Moab Jam Pro 24.5 flash black122,14 €
Buttercup (2003762)19,06 €
Savona De Luxe41,78 €
Velocity 12 (2010302) dark sea59,96 €
Phantasy 22.5 Lt flashblack119,96 €
Crosstrail 22 ST (2009564)97,46 €
Highland Trail 50+5 Women sangria red187,46 €
Crosstrail 30 ST dark sea119,96 €

Ergobag backpacks

Ergobag is a brand that specializes in the design of ergonomic backpacks and satchels for children, from kindergarten to college. The main idea behind Ergobag is to provide optimum well-being for children, with a particular focus on ergonomics and durability.

  • Ergonomics Ergobag backpacks are designed to lighten the load carried by children. They feature back padding, adjustable straps and a waist belt, all of which ensure balanced weight distribution. This helps prevent back pain and other postural problems in children. 
  • Durability Ergobag is also committed to sustainability. All their backpacks are made from 100% recycled materials, in particular recycled plastic bottles. What's more, their backpacks are also equipped with reflectors to increase children's safety on the road.
  • Accessories Ergobag: In addition to backpacks, Ergobag also offers a variety of accessories such as kits, sports and gym bags. They also offer complete school kits.

Here's a summary of Ergobag backpack prices:

Ergobag Pack Schoolbag and accessories set187,95 €
Ergobag Sports bag 40 cm31,49 €
Ergobag Ease Children's backpack 35 cm24,49 € / 27,99 €
Ergobag Ease Children's backpack 30 cm20,99 €
Ergobag Pack Binder set222,59 €
Ergobag Case 20 pcs.24,99 €
Ergobag Zippies 3pcs.14,99 €

Pinqponq backpacks 

PinqPonq is a German brand of bags and accessories founded in 2014 in Cologne. From the outset, PinqPonq has chosen to distinguish itself not only through the clean, functional design of its products, but also through a committed approach to ethics and eco-design.

The PinqPonq story begins with the idea of designing fashion products that combine aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. The brand therefore chose recycled polyester as the main material for the design of its bags, a material obtained from reclaimed plastic water bottles. Lightweight and resistant, recycled polyester perfectly meets the brand's quality and durability requirements.

PinqPonq has also taken strong ethical steps. In 2017, the brand chose to renounce the use of materials of animal origin, and in the process received PETA certification, an animal rights organization.

  • Ecological commitment

Respect for the environment is a central pillar of PinqPonq's identity. The brand works in partnership with BlueSign, an independent label that supports companies in reducing the impact of their production on the environment. This collaboration illustrates PinqPonq's commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint.

  • Social commitment

In addition to its environmental concerns, PinqPonq attaches great importance to the working conditions of its employees. A member of the Fair Wear Foundation, the brand regularly has its factories audited to ensure compliance with social standards. The company's designers and executives also make frequent visits to assess working conditions and spend time in the workshops.

  • Value proposition

PinqPonq offers bags and accessories designed to last, with a clean, functional design. But the real value of the brand lies in its ethical and ecological commitments. By choosing PinqPonq, consumers are guaranteed to buy sustainable products, made with respect for the environment and workers' rights. It's a brand for those seeking style, functionality and ecological and social awareness in equal measure.

Here is a summary table of Pinqponq backpack prices:

Backpack modelOriginal price
Blok Medium Backpack169,00 €
Kross149,90 €
Komut Medium Backpack199,00 €
Blok Medium Backpack Construct199,90 €
Blok Medium Backpack Coated199,00 €
Blok Medium Backpack Crinkle249,00 €
Blok Large Backpack199,00 €
Blok Large Backpack Crinkle279,00 €
Komut Large Backpack249,00 €
Cubik Medium Backpack129,00 €
Kalm Backpack129,00 €
Dukek Backpack129,00 €

Ucon Acrobatics backpacks

Ucon Acrobatics is a German fashion brand, based in Berlin and founded in 2001 by Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger. Inspired by minimalism and pure elegance, the brand specializes in the design of elegant, functional bags and accessories.

Ucon Acrobatics' value proposition lies in its combination of refined design, functionality and durability. Its bags, satchels and pouches are designed to suit all styles and situations. Products are mainly made in plain or two-tone canvas, reflecting the brand's commitment to minimalism. In addition, Ucon Acrobatics emphasizes its ability to infuse its products with the spirit of Berlin's artistic and creative scene, offering a unique touch to its designs.

However, as with any quality brand, the price of Ucon Acrobatics products can be a little higher than average. That said, the brand values the longevity of its products and their ability to stand the test of time, which may justify their higher initial cost.

Here's a summary of prices for the various Ucon Acrobatics backpacks:

Bag modelPrice
HAJO Backpack109,99 €
HAJO Backpack99,99 €
Jasper Bacpack99,99 €
HAJO Mini89,99 €
HAJO Mini89,99 €
Hajo Mini Lotus99,99 €
Jasper Lotus99,99 €
Hajo Mini Lotus89,99 €
Hajo Lotus99,99 €
Hajo Lotus109,99 €
Jasper Mini Lotus89,99 €
Jasper Mini Lotus89,99 €
Jasper Lotus99,99 €
Hajo Lotus109,99 €
Hajo Mini Lotus99,99 €
Hajo Mini Lotus89,99 €
Hajo Mini Lotus89,99 €
Jasper Lotus109,99 €
Jasper Lotus99,99 €
Jasper Lotus99,99 €
Hajo Lotus99,99 €
Alison Lotus79,99 €
Hajo Mini Lotus99,99 €

Zwei backpacks

ZWEI is a German bag brand founded in 2008. Since its inception, the brand has always been driven by a passion for shape, color and design, which is evident in every one of their bags.

The brand's philosophy is based on respect for its founding principles: classic designs and high-quality materials. Unlike many other brands, ZWEI does not depend on ephemeral fashion, but rather offers products that can be used practically in everyday life, and which retain an aesthetic that is both classic and modern.

ZWEI's value proposition is therefore based on offering timeless, high-quality, practical products for everyday use. The brand relies on the longevity of its bags, not only in terms of material durability, but also in terms of style. By refraining from following ephemeral trends, ZWEI ensures that its bags will remain stylish and relevant over the long term. It is this philosophy that makes ZWEI the brand of choice for those seeking practical, durable and timeless fashion accessories.

Here is a summary table of ZWEI backpack prices:

Large MH80 Nubuk fanny pack - ink49,90 €
MH80 large fanny pack - Off White49,90 €
Cargo wallet CAW2- black44,90 €
Cargo Portfolio CAW2 - Powder44,90 €
Cargo Bag CAR260 - Jade139,90 €
Cargo bag CAR130 - sand99,90 €
Cargo Bag CAR130 - Stone99,90 €
Weekend Cargo Bag CA400 - black129,90 €
Aqua AQR200 Stone bicycle backpack139,90 €
MR 13 Jade backpack89,90 €
MH80 large fanny pack - Off Blush49,90 €
MH80 large fanny pack - Off Moss49,90 €
MH80 large fanny pack - Off Black49,90 €
M12 Moos handbag79,90 €
MR 13 backpack - blush89,90 €
MR 13 backpack - moos89,90 €
Cargo 60 shoulder bag - Jade64,90 €
Cargo 60 shoulder bag - Coral64,90 €
Cargo 200 Ocean backpack119,90 €
Cargo 200 Jade backpack119,90 €
Cargo 200 backpack - Coral119,90 €
M8 yellow bag64,90 €
M12 Canvas Powder bag79,90 €
M8 lipstick bag64,90 €

Bree backpacks

Bree, founded in 1970, is an accessories brand that quickly made a name for itself with its elegance and modern style. Initially focused on luggage, the brand was able to evolve and democratize by adapting to the codes of streetwear. It has established itself as a benchmark for contemporary urban bags, both solid and versatile.

One of Bree's strengths lies in its diversity of items, which cater for all tastes and preferences. Whether for women or men, the brand offers a wide range of quality leather handbags, wallets and briefcases. Bree does not seek to impose a single style, but rather to offer its customers the possibility of finding or asserting their own style through its products.

Bree's value proposition is based on several aspects. First, the brand emphasizes the quality and durability of its products. By using high-quality leather and paying close attention to manufacturing details, Bree offers durable, well-designed items. What's more, the brand offers a variety of styles and designs to suit the individual preferences of its customers. Whether you're looking for an elegant bag for a special occasion or a functional bag for everyday use, Bree offers options to suit every need.

Here is a summary table of Bree brand backpack prices:

Bree PNCH 52 Shoulder bag 21 cm57,00 €
Bree PNCH 62 Shoulder bag 33 cm73,00 €
Bree PNCH 61 Shoulder bag 25 cm65,00 €
Bree Stockholm 13 Leather backpack 38 cm499,00 €
Bree Avea 1 leather shoulder bag 35 cm229,00 €
Bree Avea 1 leather shoulder bag 35 cm252,00 €
Bree Oxford 8 Leather briefcase 38 cm500,00 €
Bree PNCH 713 Backpack 43 cm Laptop compartment126,00 €
Bree PNCH 712 Backpack 39 cm Laptop compartment107,00 €
Bree Mia 2 Shoulder bag Leather 31 cm419,00 €
Bree Lady Top 2 Leather shoulder bag 27 cm240,00 €
Bree Punch Casual 92 Backpack 41 cm139,95 €
Bree Mia 1 Leather shoulder bag 38 cm480,00 €
Bree PNCH 49 Shoulder bag 36 cm87,00 €
Bree Oxford SLG Key case 11 cm97,00 €
Bree PNCH 792 Backpack 38 cm80,00 €
Bree PNCH 93 Backpack 46 cm104,00 €
Bree PNCH 92 Backpack 42 cm96,00 €
Bree Juna 2 Handbag Leather 30 cm418,00 €
Bree Juna 3 Leather shopper bag 42 cm475,00 €
Bree Oxford 10 Leather briefcase 41 cm Laptop compartment630,00 €

Ortlieb backpacks 

ORTLIEB is a German brand founded in 1982 by Hartmut Ortlieb in Nuremberg. Initially, Hartmut Ortlieb created the brand's first bicycle panniers to meet his personal need for waterproof equipment that was unavailable at the time. The first products were handmade on Hartmut's mother's sewing machine, using truck tarpaulins to create waterproof bags and bicycle panniers. These prototypes were tested by Hartmut and his friends on their self-organized cycling and climbing tours.

What started out as a simple operation soon turned into a success story. Today, ORTLIEB has over 230 employees and offers a collection of over 500 individual products. All stages of production are carried out at the company's headquarters in Heilsbronn, Germany, from development and design to engineering, production, sales, marketing and shipping. The brand distinguishes itself by manufacturing waterproof products using high-frequency welding techniques.

ORTLIEB's value proposition is based on supplying high-quality outdoor equipment for all requirements, in all weather conditions and on all terrains. The "Made in Germany" label guarantees the quality and durability of the brand's products. ORTLIEB offers a wide range of products, including bicycle panniers, waterproof bags, backpacks, travel bags and other accessories, all designed to withstand the harshest weather and conditions.

Here is a summary table of ORTLIEB backpack prices:

Ortlieb Vario PS QL2.1 Bicycle backpack petrol185,00 €
Ortlieb Vario PS QL2.1 bicycle backpack light red185,00 €
Ortlieb Vario PS QL3.1 Bicycle backpack black200,00 €
Ortlieb Vario PS QL2.1 Bicycle backpack black185,00 €
Ortlieb Atrack 45 Hiking backpack black220,00 €
Ortlieb Metrosphere 40 Weekend bag black160,00 €
Ortlieb Duffle RG 34 Travel bag on wheels black280,00 €
Ortlieb Gravel Pack QL2.1 Set Luggage carrier bag black120,00 €
Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic QL2.1 Set Luggage carrier bag yellow/black130,00 €
Ortlieb Rack-Pack 31 Travel bag olive green85,00 €
Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic QL2.1 Set Bag for petrol luggage carrier129,00 €
Ortlieb Seat Pack 16,5 Saddle bags black139,00 €

How much does a German backpack cost? 

Here is a table listing the brands in descending order of price, with the approximate price range for each brand:

BrandApproximate price range
ORTLIEB85,00 € – 280,00 €
VAUDE100,00 € – 150,00 €
Deuter51,99 € – 214,47 €
Tatonka95,00 € – 200,00 €
Jack Wolfskin25,20 € – 337,46 €
Ergobag24,49 € – 222,59 €
Pinqponq79,99 € – 199,90 €
Ucon Acrobatics79,99 € – 109,99 €
ZWEI49,90 € – 190,00 €
Bree57,00 € – 630,00 €

This table shows backpack brands in descending order of price, with an approximate price range for each brand. Please note that prices may vary according to model, retailer and current promotions.