TOP 10 German sofa brands 

German sofas are in great demand today, both for their functionality and their unique designs. German sofas are associated with aesthetic relevance and exceptional quality. Here are our top 10 German sofa brands. 

Rolf Benz sofas 

Rolf Benz is a renowned German furniture brand, specializing in the manufacture of sofas, armchairs, beds, dining tables and other storage furniture. Since its foundation in 1964 by the young upholsterer Rolf Benz, the brand has embodied a refined lifestyle, offering high-quality products that combine comfort, timeless design and innovative functionality.

Rolf Benz's value proposition rests on several key pillars:

  • Optimum quality Rolf Benz attaches great importance to the quality of its products, using durable materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and meticulous finishing, guaranteeing long-lasting furniture.
  • Timeless design Rolf Benz creations are distinguished by their timeless, elegant design. The brand offers clean lines, harmonious shapes and precise details, creating pieces that withstand ephemeral trends and integrate easily into different interior styles.
  • Perfect comfort Rolf Benz places great importance on the comfort of its furniture. Sofas and armchairs are designed to provide ergonomic seating, with high-quality upholstery and features tailored to individual needs, such as relaxation mechanisms or adjustment options.
  • Innovative functionality Rolf Benz stands out for its innovative approach to functionality. The brand's collections offer modular and flexible solutions, allowing customers to personalize their furnishings according to their preferences and specific needs. Sofas can be transformed into beds, armchairs can be combined with coffee tables, offering versatile options.
  • Refined art of living Rolf Benz: Rolf Benz embodies a refined art of living, offering furniture that brings timeless elegance to every living space. The brand aims to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where comfort and style are harmoniously combined.

Over the decades, Rolf Benz has won numerous national and international awards, testifying to the recognition of its quality and excellence in furniture. Remaining true to its core values, the brand continues to evolve with the times, offering innovative and sustainable interior design tailored to the needs and tastes of today's customers.

Here is an overview of Rolf Benz sofas:

Vintage leather recliner with ottoman890,00 €
Vintage leather armchair model 418 Torino Bmp900,00 €
322 vintage leather sofa by Anita Schmidt1 250,00 €
Pair of vintage armchairs with footstool4 490,00 €
Vintage 3-seater sofa in black leather1 399,00 €
2-seater vintage sofa in black leather1 199,00 €

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary according to model and supplier. Please visit the official Rolf Benz website to find out more about the brand's prices. 

Walter Knoll brand sofas

Walter Knoll is a renowned brand that creates living spaces with exceptional craftsmanship, using noble materials and sustainable design. Founded in 1865 in Germany, the Knoll family story began with a leather business in Stuttgart. Over the years, the brand has grown to become a global benchmark in furniture.

Walter Knoll's value proposition is based on quality of life and clean contemporary design. The brand's furniture responds to the desire to live in a high-quality environment, combining modernity with traditional craftsmanship. Walter Knoll collaborates with world-renowned designers and architects such as Norman Foster, Pearson Lloyd, Claudio Bellini and Kengo Kuma to create classic and avant-garde pieces.

The company manufactures furniture and provides interiors for buildings all over the world. Their collection includes a wide range of quality furniture, from sofas and armchairs to tables and chairs, desks and accessories. The brand is renowned for its meticulous design, functionality and timeless aesthetics.

The complete Walter Knoll collection is available from SILVERA, and if a specific product is not available, the SILVERA team can be contacted via the contact form. With a wealth of experience in the home and public sector, the SILVERA team is available to listen and advise customers on their projects.

It's also possible to make an appointment at SILVERA's showrooms in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and London to discover Walter Knoll products and benefit from personalized support.

Here is a summary table of Walter Knoll brand products:

Vintage sofa by Eoos for Walter Knoll2 500,00 €
Vintage teak and wool armchair by Walter Knoll, 1960320,00 €
Pair of vintage "Vostra" armchairs by Walter Knoll2 250,00 €
Vintage modular sofa in dark brown leather by Friedrich Hill7 900,00 €
Vintage 369 armchair in red wool and chromed steel750,00 €
Pair of vintage Art Collection leather armchairs900,00 €
Vintage reclining bed in teak and upholstery by Walter Knoll2 350,00 €
Pair of vintage armchairs model 550 by Walter Knoll3 250,00 €
369 vintage armchair in white bouclé975,00 €
Vintage German cherry wood armchair by Walter Knoll1 049,00 €
Vintage formica desk by Knoll & Drake3 700,00 €
Set of 4 vintage leather armchairs by Walter Knoll405,00 €
Pair of vintage Walter Knoll brown leather armchairs4 048,00 €
Antimott vintage daybed by Walter Knoll2 800,00 €
Vintage Brno armchair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe667,80 €
Antimott vintage cherrywood armchairs and daybed2 950,00 €
Vintage Danish teak living room set by Walter Knoll3 000,00 €
Scandinavian vintage armchair by Walter Knoll496,80 €
Pair of vintage mahogany armchairs by Knoll Antimott685,00 €

COR brand sofas 

Founded in 1954 by Leo Lübke, COR Sitzmöbel opened its first factory in the name of his son Helmut Lübke, marking the beginning of a long history. COR Sitzmöbel stands out for its pure aesthetics and meticulous finishes, offering furniture with its own distinctive lines. The brand attaches great importance to the beauty, comfort and functionality of its products.

COR Sitzmöbel combines a strong commitment to innovation with authentic, traditional craftsmanship. COR Sitzmöbel designers and employees create value by designing products that are independent of trends and fashions. The quality of COR Sitzmöbel furniture is excellent, thanks to careful selection of raw materials and skilled teams who take the time to think and design objects in the best possible way.

COR Sitzmöbel's value proposition lies in the combination of distinctive design, exceptional quality and optimum comfort. The brand positions itself as a furniture expert offering durable, timeless and functional products. With a focus on innovation and craftsmanship, COR Sitzmöbel creates furniture that brings aesthetic and practical value to every living space.

The complete COR Sitzmöbel collection is available from SILVERA. If you can't find the product you're looking for, please contact them via the form for further information. SILVERA's experienced team of specialists in the home and public sector will be happy to listen to your requirements and advise you on the implementation of your projects.

Here is a summary table of the sofas offered by the COR brand:

Space Age Modulables Orbis by Luigi Colani, 1970s, Set of 65 200 €
Modular Trio by Franz Hero & Karl Odermatt, 1970s, Set of 55 950 €
Modulable de Cor, 1970s, Set of 62 880 € – 3 840 €
3-seater leather saddle by Horst Brüning, 1960s985 €
Corbi Modular Seating System by Klaus Uredat, 19724 800 € – 5 900 € 
Modular Trio by Franz Hero & Karl Odermatt, 1970s, Set of 23 200 €
Modular Ambo by COR, 1970s, Set of 54 000 €
Large Modular Leather Sofa from COR, Germany, 1970s, Set of 71 895 €
Modulable Space Age Model Orbis de Cor, 1970s, Set of 42 500 € – 2 950 €

Bretz brand sofas 

Bretz is a German-based family business with a rich history and values centered on cohesion, trust and respect. The company offers a range of Bretz sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and rugs that combine harmoniously to create a unique ambience that is both colorful and warm. 

Opting for a Bretz velvet sofa means choosing an original and unique piece of furniture that will add a distinctive touch to your interior. The brand emphasizes German manufacturing quality and offers Bretz "true characters" that are sure to arouse interest.

Bretz offers over 160 brightly colored upholstery fabrics, as well as countless module combinations. Every Bretz sofa, chair or bed is made to order according to the customer's wishes. Comfort and personalization are top priorities for Bretz. As a premium brand, it offers customizable and modular solutions, tailor-made for each individual customer.

Bretz's value proposition lies in the manufacture of high-quality furniture that is a true object with a soul. By offering a wide variety of fabrics and modular combinations, the brand enables customers to create unique pieces that reflect their personality and style. Bretz emphasizes individuality, originality and comfort, offering a personalized, high-end furnishing experience.

Here is a summary of prices for Bretz brand sofas:

ProductPrice incl. VAT
Bretz Creole Bed5 452,00€ - 15 210,00€
Cocoa Island Udli-Vre 119 corner sofa from Bretz8 447,00€ - 10 151,00€
Ohlinda Z 118 Re sofa by Bretz10 212,00€
Ohlinda Z 118Li sofa by Bretz9 867,00€
Teratai sofa by Bretz12 056,00€
Bretz Ocean 7 straight sofa3 542,00€ - 12 350,00€
Cloud 7 sofa from Bretz4 661,00€ - 12 087,00€
Bretz Cloud 7 chaise longue4 693,00€ - 6 061,00€
Ocean 7 corner sofa from Bretz7 663,00€ - 12 660,00€
Creole bed by Bretz in display model (Outlet)13 999,00€ 6 999,00€
Balaaao armchair by BretzRequest a quote
Balaaao sofa by BretzRequest a quote

Brühl brand sofas 

Brühl was founded in 1948 as a mattress manufacturer. Over the years, the company has specialized in creating high-end, eco-friendly and sustainable furniture with a unique design. One of Brühl's distinguishing features is its Blue Angel certification, which represents the highest possible level of ecological certification.

The design of Brühl armchairs, loungers and sofas is characterized by simplicity and elegance. Renowned designer Kati Meyer-Brühl is the creator of many innovative sofa and armchair designs. Her creations were presented at an international design exhibition in Venice in 2016, and have won numerous prestigious national and international awards.

The Brühl brand emphasizes craftsmanship that combines manual work with the use of cutting-edge technology. It offers high-quality, environmentally-friendly furniture, carefully crafted and featuring contemporary design.

Brühl's value proposition lies in its ability to offer unique, functional pieces of furniture that combine aesthetics and durability. By focusing on quality materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, Brühl offers products that meet the expectations of customers concerned with aesthetics, comfort and environmental impact.

Here's an overview of Brühl sofas:

ProductPrice excl.
Square / 3-seater sofa3 738,00€
Square / Leather armchair2 063,00€
Dive / Leather swivel armchair1 981,00€
Gerard / Leather swivel armchair with armrests2 676,00€
Jerry / Sofa-bed2 508,00€
Lemon / Leather swivel armchair2 332,00€
Morning dew / Leather armchair1 919,00€
Morning dew / Black fabric armchairFrom €1,544.00
Powder / 2-seater leather sofa3 372,00€
Powder / 2.5-seater fabric sofa3 198,00€
Powder / Leather armchair2 043,00€
Quint / Sofa-bed2 662,00€
Randolph / 2-seater leatherette sofa1 761,00€
Randolph / Armchair1 259,00€
Square / Sofa bed3 612,00€
Sumo / 2-seater leather sofa4 206,00€
Vis à Vis / 2.5-seater leather sofaFrom €2,936.00
Vis à Vis / Leather armchair2 040,00€
  1. Himolla brand sofas

The German Himolla brand began its history in 1948. Since its inception, it has dedicated itself to the constant evolution of its Himolla reclining leather sofas. Himolla attaches great importance to the traditional construction of its sofas and armchairs. Each person working on these products benefits from unique training in the various stages of sofa and recliner manufacture.

The Himolla brand offers a wide range of sofas and recliners distinguished by their quality and durability. They offer optimum comfort and are designed to meet the individual needs of each customer. Himolla also offers a variety of coverings and options for customizing furniture to suit individual preferences.

Himolla sofa prices are not fixed. Prices vary according to the model, upholstery selected and additional options chosen. However, Himolla is renowned for offering excellent value for money, and investing in a Himolla recliner with footrest is considered a wise long-term choice.

Himolla's value proposition is based on its tradition of craftsmanship, constant pursuit of quality, exceptional comfort and personalization. The brand is committed to providing sofas and recliners that combine traditional craftsmanship with innovation, offering customers an incomparable experience of relaxation and well-being.

Here is a summary table of Himolla sofa prices:

2-seater sofa 40515 315,00 €
2-seater sofa 46123 323,00 €
Sofa 2.5-seater 4217 51P5 506,00 €
Trapeze sofa 4217 706 677,00 €
Manual Relax Armchair 7627 372 395,00 €
Sofa 2.5-seater 4927 81P4 679,00 €
Relax Armchair 2 Motors 7627 562 975,00 €
Electric Recliner 7916 232 751,00 €
3-seater sofa 1051 824 643,00 €
  1. Leolux brand sofas

The history of the Leolux brand goes back almost eight decades. Founded in 1934 as "Zuid-Nederlandse Clubmeubel-fabriek" (ZNC), this small company initially made handcrafted furniture with just a few employees. The war years were tumultuous for the company, particularly in 1944 when it found itself on the front line. After the war, management of the company was entrusted to the "Boerenleenbank", and Ton Sanders was appointed as administrator. In 1948, Ton Sanders, with the financial help of his family, succeeded in buying the ZNC company. However, the real Leolux story didn't begin until the difficult early years were over.

In the years 1955-1965, the Sanders brothers took the company in a new direction. They were influenced by the emergence of Danish and Italian designers, as well as by new foam materials, artificial leathers and innovative upholstery techniques. They abandoned the classic path and took risks by introducing bold, modern designs. 

In collaboration with young designer Harry de Groot, they created a contemporary collection that marked a turning point for the company. It was then that the proud lion of the ZNC logo became "Leolux", the lion of luxury, a brand name that quickly spread throughout the company.

Today, Leolux is a renowned brand in the field of high-end furniture. It offers a wide range of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and other living-room furniture. The brand stands out for its commitment to innovation and constant growth, while maintaining exceptional stability and quality. 

Leolux attaches great importance to creativity, contemporary design and manufacturing quality. Its products are characterized by elegant lines, original shapes, high-quality materials and optimal comfort. Leolux thus offers its customers luxurious, durable and unique furniture, with a value proposition based on the combination of aesthetics, comfort and craftsmanship.

Here is a summary table of prices for Leolux sofa models:

ModelFabric pricesLeather prices
Bora Balanza3 930 €4 895 €
Bora Beta3 375 €4 525 €
Bora Bora3 050 €4 125 €
Devon3 725 €4 895 €
Enna4 195 €5 250 €
Felizia3 950 €4 765 €
Flint3 635 €4 380 €
Guadalupe3 980 €4 935 €
Horatio6 350 €5 045 €
Lindo3 580 €4 095 €
Mayon3 650 €4 275 €
Next pontoon4 295 €4456 €
Pulla5 485 €7 015 €
Rego4 930 €6 040 €
Tango4 435 €5 325 €

W. Schillig brand sofas

W.SCHILLIG is a German sofa manufacturer that stands out for its adjustable, functional and modular models, which give the brand its originality.

For almost 60 years, W.SCHILLIG has been dedicated to creating high-quality furniture that combines elegance, contemporary design and comfort.

W.SCHILLIG's main concern is the individual needs of its customers. This is why the brand uses the finest materials available. Each piece is unique, and top priority is given to the manufacture of first-class designer furniture, thanks to the work of its qualified staff.

The design of W.SCHILLIG products is timeless, yet always in tune with current trends.

W.SCHILLIG's value proposition lies in the following elements:

  • Superior quality : The brand is committed to providing high-quality furniture, using the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Exceptional comfort W.SCHILLIG sofas are designed to offer optimum comfort, enabling customers to relax and enjoy pleasant moments at home.
  • Contemporary design W.SCHILLIG creations combine aesthetics and modernity, adapting to the tastes and trends of today's interior design.
  • Personalization W.SCHILLIG offers customization options to meet individual customer needs and preferences. This makes it possible to create unique pieces that perfectly match each interior.

In short, W.SCHILLIG is a renowned brand that focuses on the quality, comfort, contemporary design and customization of its furniture. It aims to satisfy the individual needs of its customers by offering unique and durable products.

Here is a summary of prices for W.SCHILLIG sofas:

Wilson4 029,90 €
Floyd3 529,90 €
Puzzle3 729,90 €
Floyd3 429,90 €
Enjoy and More4 329,90 €
Enjoy and More3 029,90 €
Floyd3 529,90 €
William5 529,90 €
Grand sofa Softy2 429,90 €
Wilson2 979,90 €

Interlübke brand sofas 

Interlübke is a furniture brand famous for its innovative "endless wardrobe" concept. Since its foundation in 1937, the Lübke factory has been producing furniture with a well-thought-out design and a strong emphasis on craftsmanship.

In the 60s, the brand adopted the name "interlübke", combining the words "interior" and "international". In 1963, Swiss interior designer Walter Müller suggested that interlübke produce an "endless wardrobe", made up of a few pieces that could be expanded almost indefinitely by means of an assembly system.

Under the name "interlübke 61", this revolutionary project met with enormous success and is still present today in a modified form in the Collect program. Interlübke continues to grow and enrich its product range with programs for the living room and dining room. Interlübke furniture is characterized by its clean, often monochrome white design, and has become the embodiment of modern living.

The fundamental principles of the interlübke brand are that form must serve function, and that preserving the essentials leads to clear, timeless design. Interlübke furniture, such as the "Base" wardrobe, the "Cube" chest of drawers and the "Bookless" bookcase, blend harmoniously into any room and become its focal points.

interlübke's value proposition lies in the creation of individual pieces of furniture, designed with precision down to the smallest detail, emphasizing functionality and clear, timeless design. interlübke furniture is renowned for its handcrafted quality, modern aesthetics and ability to blend seamlessly into different living spaces.

Here is an overview of Interlübke sofas:

Algo (bed)From €1,336
Cube Gap (chest of drawers)From €1,833
Intaro (cabinet)From €1,054
Color Intaro (cabinet)From €1,203
Izzy (bed)From €4,079
Izzy (floating) (bed)From €2,197
Jalis (bed)From €6,386
Jorel (sideboard)From €1,811
L-bedFrom €1,690
Levi 4012 (shelf)From €786
Levi 5142 (coat rack)From €2,083
Mell (sideboard)From €3,490
Mell Time (chest of drawers)From €2,138
Studimo (shelving system)From €6,000

Wittmann brand sofas

Wittmann is an Austrian company specializing in the production of furniture for the contract sector, particularly for living and sleeping areas. Founded in 1896 near Vienna, the company began as a saddlery and leather workshop. In the 1960s, Franz Wittmann decided to transform the company into a manufacturer of upholstered furniture, entrusting the creation of collections to designers and architects.

Wittmann's mission is to offer classic, elegant and comfortable designer furniture that is built to last. Each piece is handcrafted and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Wittmann offers an extensive catalog of furniture for hotels, restaurants, offices and boutiques. The catalog also includes some re-editions of design icons, such as chairs by Josef Hoffmann and Friedrich Kiesler.

Among the most emblematic pieces in the Wittmann style is the Contessa 1956 armchair, a recently reissued design classic. In addition to this reissue, Wittmann also offers reissues of chairs that have left their mark on design history. The legendary collections of sofas and armchairs designed a century ago by Josef Hoffmann, such as Kubus, Allegasse, Villa Gallia, Sitzmaschine, to name but a few, are once again furnishing contemporary interiors, thanks to the passion for timeless design and the expertise of Wittmann's craftsmen.

Wittmann's collaboration with architect Johannes Spalt in the 1950s gave rise to the 3/4 furniture collection, which is also being reissued in the catalog today. Among Wittmann's new products, the Paradise Bird collection designed by Luca Nichetto stands out. It includes a lounge chair, a high-backed chair, a two-seater sofa and a pouffe, with an airy metal structure with a vertical grid and comfortable upholstered seats.

Wittmann also offers the Miles collection, characterized by soft, compact shapes, comprising a sofa, an armchair, a footrest and a versatile piece of furniture called "pouflounge", designed by Sebastian Herkner. This unique piece can be used as a bed, sofa or chaise longue, providing a space for resting, working or sleeping, whether alone or in a group.

The Vuelta collection, designed by Jaime Hayon, is intended for sophisticated, elegant furnishing of lounge and dining areas in public establishments, offering the famous comfort associated with Wittmann. The collection includes sofas, meridiennes, armchairs, chairs and benches in soft, enveloping shapes, to suit every need.

Wittmann's value proposition lies in its ability to create timeless designer furniture, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. The company offers a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and collaboration with renowned designers to deliver elegant, comfortable and durable pieces. 

Customized furniture allows customers to create unique, made-to-measure spaces. With its extensive catalog and re-editions of design icons, Wittmann offers customers a wide range of choices for furnishing their spaces, whether for residential or commercial projects.

Here's a summary table of Wittmann sofa prices:

Vuelta FD Dining Table7 416,39 €
MD Shelf - Bookcase3 096,39 €
Odeon Bistro - table1 650,00 €
Constanze 3/4 Armchair8 006,56 €
Mono Chair995,41 €
Alleegasse Sofa3 904,92 €
Alleegasse Armchair2 377,38 €
Vuelta Highback Armchair4 169,51 €
Vuelta 80 - Armchair3 792,79 €
Vuelta 72 - Armchair3 187,87 €

How much does a German sofa cost?

Here is a table listing the brands in descending order of price, with the approximate price range for each brand:

Sofa BrandApproximate price range
Bretz5 452,00 € – 15 210,00 €
COR985 € – 7 900,00 €
Wittmann995,41 € – 8 006,56 €
Leolux2 936,00 € – 7 015,00 €
Rolf Benz890,00 € – 4 490,00 €
Walter Knoll320,00 € – 7 900,00 €
Brühl1 259,00 € – 4 485,60 €
Himolla2 395,00 € – 6 677,00 €
W.SCHILLIG2 979,90 € – 5 529,90 €
Interlübke786,00 € – 6 386,00 €

Please note that the prices shown are approximate estimates and may vary according to the models, finishes and options chosen. Please visit the brands' official websites to find out more about their offers.