Top 10 German mountain bikes 

Mountain biking is the very essence of cycling on different terrains. German brands have made it more than just a passion, but an affirmation of sustainable mobility. We have selected 10 of the best German mountain bike brands. So you can choose the models that suit you best. 

German Canyon mountain bikes

Canyon is a German bicycle brand that was founded thirty years ago and arrived on the French market in 2005. Today, it is considered the market leader in high-end, sporty bikes. The brand has forged a reputation for expertise in the sector thanks to its many victories in major tours and its numerous world championship titles.

The company places great importance on research and development to design the best possible experience for cyclists. Canyon offers a wide range of bikes for a variety of riding styles. Whether for road cycling, mountain biking, hybrid, electric or traditional city bikes, the brand offers high-quality equipment.

Canyon also puts its expertise at the service of the general public by offering city bikes designed to cope with urban conditions. These bikes boast a meticulous aesthetic and well-thought-out design. In the case of electric bikes, the lightweight, compact motor gives users optimum power to overcome the various obstacles in their daily commute.

Canyon's value proposition is based on the combination of its long experience in manufacturing top-of-the-range bikes, its constant quest for quality and performance, and its desire to make its equipment accessible to as many people as possible. The brand offers a wide catalog of bikes so that everyone can find the one that best suits their lifestyle and specific needs.

Here is an overview of Canyon ATV models:

ModelPrice (€)
Spectral 29 AL 62.549
Neuron 61.999
Spectral Mullet CF 8 CLLCTV3.999
Neuron 51.599
Grand Canyon:ON 82.599

Please note that prices quoted are promotional and may be subject to change. We recommend checking the latest information on the official Canyon website or contacting the dealer for exact prices and full details of each model.

German mountain bike brand Cube

Cube is a German bicycle brand founded in 1993 by Marcus Puerner in Waldershof, Bavaria. From the outset, Cube has been committed to designing frames and assembling bikes using the world's finest components. Today, the brand offers a wide range of over 400 classic and electric bicycle models.

One of Cube's advantages over some larger companies is its independence from shareholders. This enables Cube to think long-term and focus on continuous improvement in design, materials and manufacturing processes. Its headquarters in Germany are home to a team of dedicated engineers who work tirelessly to develop innovations and advanced technologies.

The Cube plant, built in 2016, covers over 36,000 m2 and employs around 500 people on two shifts. Every day, more than 4,500 classic and electric bicycles are manufactured here on two assembly lines. Cube continues to develop new production and warehousing facilities in Germany and other European countries to meet growing demand and reduce supply chain issues.

The Cube brand places great emphasis on the quality and durability of its bikes. Each model undergoes rigorous testing in their in-house test laboratory to ensure that it can withstand the use for which it was designed. Cube bikes are subjected to shocks, hard braking and load stresses to ensure their durability. Relevant components are also exhaustively tested, going beyond minimum standards.

Cube has developed its own testing standard, the CTS (CUBE Test Standard), which classifies each bike into a specific category and subjects the model to a series The frames are subjected to a corresponding test program to guarantee maximum performance. Carbon frames undergo careful quality control before assembly to ensure they meet specified tolerances.

Cube's value proposition lies in its constant search for the perfect balance between weight, durability, integration and design. The brand strives to provide high-quality bikes that meet cyclists' expectations in terms of performance, comfort and reliability. With in-depth in-house expertise and rigorous testing, Cube aims to deliver an exceptional riding experience to its customers.

Here is a summary of the prices of the Cube ATV models:

ModelRecommended price (€)
Cube Attention, grey/black1 099,00
Cube Aim, black659,00
Cube Access WS Women, black619,00
Cube Analog, yellow/black999,00
Cube Aim Pro, grey/black709,00
Cube Reaction Pro, black1 549,00
Cube Aim SLX, white/black879,00

German Focus mountain bikes

FOCUS is a bicycle brand founded by Mike Kluge and Hans-Jörg Furrer in the Black Forest, Germany. The brand's history dates back to 1992, when Mike Kluge, already the holder of numerous German and world amateur cyclo-cross championship titles, won the professional world championship title in Leeds, Great Britain, on a cyclo-cross bike he designed himself.

Mike Kluge's motto, "Now or never", has become the FOCUS philosophy. The brand takes its name from the autofocus of a camera, symbolizing the automatic focusing on the object you wish to photograph. This approach is reflected in FOCUS's commitment to developing bikes that offer specific advantages for each cycling discipline.

FOCUS offers a complete range of bikes, covering different areas such as road, track, cyclo-cross, cross-country and downhill mountain biking. The brand focuses on bike customization, with particular attention to frames, and works closely with local parts manufacturers to offer high-quality components.

FOCUS' value proposition lies in its commitment to providing high-performance bikes, designed to meet the specific needs of each cycling discipline. The brand emphasizes innovation, quality and passion for cycling. FOCUS bikes are renowned for their advanced technology, agility, reliability and ability to deliver an exceptional riding experience.

Here is a summary of prices for Focus ATVs:

VAE Focus Planet2 5.7 20212 799,00 €
Focus Izalco Max 8.6 2021 Road Bike2 199,00 €
Focus Izalco Max 8.7 2021 Road Bike2 899,00 €
Focus Jam 6.9 2022 ATV2 799,00 €
Focus Raven 8.6 ATV1 599,00 €
Focus Thron 6.8 2022 mountain bike1 999,00 €

German Ghost mountain bikes

The story of Ghost Bikes began in 1993, when Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald founded their small mountain bike company in a garage in Waldsassen, a Bavarian town in Germany. Over the years, Ghost has become one of Germany's most popular mountain bike manufacturers. Today, Ghost is a well-established and internationally recognized brand, offering a wide range of products.

Despite its expansion, Ghost Bikes has never lost its link with its roots in competitive mountain biking. Since its inception, Ghost has supported a mountain bike team made up of legends of the sport such as Guido Tschugg, Marcus Klausmann and Johannes Fischbach, who have competed on behalf of Ghost. This is testament to Ghost's commitment to mountain biking and its passion for the sport.

Ghost offers a variety of mountain bikes to meet the needs and preferences of different riders:

  • Mountain biking For nature lovers looking for a reliable, versatile mountain bike for outdoor activities.
  • Cross Country MTB : Designed for marathon and XC racing, these bikes are ideal for ambitious cyclists who like to ride moderate trails or cross-country tracks.
  • Trail bikes Focusing on the fun of mountain biking, these bikes are perfect for those who love technical trails and exciting descents.
  • All Mountain bikes Ghost: Offering a smoother ride than trail ATVs, Ghost's All Mountain models are suitable for comfortable and varied use, from mountain touring to weekend adventures.
  • Enduro mountain biking With long travel and high-quality suspension components, Ghost enduro mountain bikes are designed to withstand the most demanding terrain, such as technical trails, bike parks and enduro races.
  • Dirt bikes Sturdy, maneuverable and lightweight, Hardtail Ghost mountain bikes are ideal for jumps and dirt trails.

Ghost's value proposition lies in the experience and technical know-how built into every bike. The brand is committed to providing high quality bikes, suitable for different types of riders, and highlighting the passion for mountain biking. Whether for competition, trail exploration or jumping, Ghost offers reliable, high-performance bikes to satisfy the needs of passionate cyclists.

Here is a summary table of Ghost ATV prices:

Mountain bike GHOST KATO ADVANCED 29 AL 29″ Grey/Orange 2023869,00 €
GHOST KATO EQ 27.5″ DIAMOND Touring Bike Black/Blue 2023829,00 €
Child Bike GHOST POWERKID 12″ Black/Pink 2023249,00 €
Cross Country MTB GHOST LECTOR LC 29″ Black/Yellow 20221 689,00 €
Children's bike GHOST POWERKID 16″ White/Purple 2023299,00 €
Gravel bike GHOST ROAD RAGE AL Shimano Sora 30/46 Black/Violet 20221 299,00 €

German Radon mountain bikes

Radon Bikes is a brand created by Bike Discount, a leading German mail-order bicycle store. Founded in 1992, the company has grown to become a giant in online sales, with a million orders a year. Over the years, Bike Discount has created its own brand of bicycles, Radon Bikes, which has gained an international reputation.

Radon Bikes' aim is to offer top-quality bikes at affordable prices. The brand offers a wide range of bikes suitable for different types of cyclists. Their products include road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes for trekking and cross, and Radon mountain bikes.

What sets Radon Bikes apart is its value proposition focused on quality, value for money and riding pleasure. Radon bikes are renowned for their excellent build quality and reliable components. They are designed to be fun to ride and to meet the needs of cyclists of all levels and disciplines.

Radon Bikes offers a direct-to-customer sales model. Bikes can be ordered online via the brand's website and delivered directly to customers. In addition, Radon has established partnerships with bike stores across Europe to serve as test centers and service partners, offering a more convenient shopping experience and local support.

Here is a table summarizing the prices of Radon Bikes mountain bikes:

Swoop 8.02499 €
Swoop 9.02999 €
Swoop 10.03999 €
Swoop 10.0 HD4499 €

German mountain bike brand Rose Bikes

Rose Bikes is a family business founded in 1907 by Heinrich Rose in Bocholt, Germany. Over the years, the company has grown to become a major player in the cycling industry.

In the 1930s, Heinrich Rose's son, Heinrich Rose Junior, took over the business and opened a small store. To attract a more affluent clientele, he adopted the slogan "the price is lowest in the smallest store". Over time, the company expanded its product range and began selling sewing machines and casseroles in winter when cycling activity slowed.

In the 1980s, Erwin Rose, one of Heinrich Rose Junior's sons, began promoting cycling as a leisure activity. Production of the first steel and aluminum frames began in 1979, imported from Japan. Advertising also began to play an important role for the company.

Rose Bikes was one of the first companies to offer mail-order sales of its products in the 1990s, and quickly moved into online sales in the late 1990s. The brand published its first mail-order catalog in 1982, which was considered a benchmark in the cycling industry. However, publication of the catalog ceased in 2017.

In 1994, the company imported Canadian "Red Bull" brand bicycles and sold them exclusively by mail order. Due to the growing popularity of the Austrian "Red Bull" brand of energy drinks, confusion arose between the two companies. As a result, "Red Bull" bikes were renamed "Rose Bikes" in 2008.

Rose Bikes attaches great importance to quality, innovation and customer service. All their bikes are designed and assembled at their site in Bocholt, Germany. They offer a wide range of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes, cargo bikes, leisure bikes and electric bikes. The brand also offers technical clothing and spare parts.

Rose Bikes' value proposition lies in the design and hand-assembly of their bikes in Germany, as well as in their commitment to quality, innovation and customer service. They offer a diverse range of products tailored to the needs of cyclists, and export their products to 14 countries.

Here is a table summarizing the mountain bike models offered by the Rose Bikes brand:

ModelPrice (€)
COUNT SOLO755,29 €
PSYCHO PATH1 511,59 €
THRILL HILL3 024,19 €
ROOT MILLER2 318,31 €
BONERO1 511,59 €

German brand Stevens Bikes

STEVENS BIKES is a German bicycle brand founded in 1990. It stands out for its commitment to quality, and for its design and manufacture, all of which take place in Hamburg, Germany. The brand places great importance on the proximity between its development offices and its assembly plant, located in northern Germany. This enables STEVENS to closely monitor every stage of production, guaranteeing the quality of its bikes.

The history of STEVENS BIKES dates back to 1990, when Jörg Ludewig and Werner Möllmann founded the company. Since its inception, the brand has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality bicycles for a wide range of cyclists, from urban riders to competition cyclists.

STEVENS BIKES offers a wide range of bikes to meet the varied needs of cyclists. The brand offers road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, electric bikes, trekking bikes, cyclocross bikes, children's bikes and much more. Whether for competition, exploration, commuting or leisure, STEVENS has the right bike for every situation.

STEVENS' value proposition lies in its constant pursuit of quality and performance. By designing and manufacturing its bikes in-house, the brand can control every aspect of the production process. This enables it to guarantee high standards of quality, durability and reliability for its products. STEVENS BIKES aims to provide an optimal riding experience for every cyclist, combining technological innovation, attractive design and features tailored to specific user needs.

The brand is also renowned for its attentive customer service and commitment to satisfying cyclists' expectations. STEVENS BIKES emphasizes a relationship of trust with its customers, and aims to provide bikes that meet the high expectations of passionate cyclists.

Here is a summary of prices for Steven Bikes mountain bikes

ModelRecommended retail price (€)

German mountain bike brand Haibike

Haibike was founded in 1995 in the small town of Schweinfurt. Initially, the sports bikes were marketed under the name of the parent brand Winora, then quickly renamed Haibike. Over the years, the brand has continued to develop its technology and expand its product range.

In 2010, Haibike presented the ancestor of the electric mountain bike, the Haibike eQ XDURO, at Eurobike. This all-terrain electric bike was an immediate success, being the first of its kind to be truly adapted for off-road use. 

Haibike's inverted motor concept and unique styling were subsequently widely imitated. The original range included four models (Fully, Hardtail, Cross & Trekking). Demand quickly outstripped production, and the XDURO sold out quickly, marking a turning point in the history of the Haibike brand.

Haibike was also the first manufacturer in the world to introduce gravity-molding technology. This manufacturing method, derived from the motorcycle industry, enables the production of complex, solid, precise and lightweight parts and components. Haibike uses this technology in particular for the motor suspension, known as the "Interface", which represents the heart of the frame and integrates many other functions.

In terms of its value proposition, Haibike is positioned as a brand specializing in high-performance electric mountain bikes. It focuses on technological innovation, offering powerful, reliable all-terrain bikes suited to different types of terrain. 

Haibike offers a wide range of models, from hardtails and full-suspension bikes to downhill and dirt bikes. Haibike bikes are renowned for their build quality, aesthetic appeal and outstanding performance, offering riders an exceptional riding experience on any terrain.

Here is a summary table of Haibike mountain bike prices:

Haibike SDURO Hardnine 5...2 799,00 €
Haibike ALLTRAIL 5 29″ 20224 399,00 €
Haibike ALLTRAIL 4 29″ 20223 999,00 €
Haibike Adventr FS 8 20224 599,00 €
Haibike SDURO HardSeven 5...2 799,00 €
Haibike ALLMTN 1 20224 499,00 €
Haibike ALLTRAIL 9 20235 699,00 €
Haibike ALLMTN 7 20236 599,00 €

Simplon mountain bikes from Germany

Founded in 1961, Simplon takes its name from the Simplon Pass in the Swiss canton of Valais. The company was founded with a clear message: with a Simplon bike, even the 2,000-meter Alps are no problem. Initially, Simplon was involved in the sale of boats and boat motors, in addition to bicycles. However, from 1970 onwards, the company devoted itself exclusively to the manufacture of bicycles.

In the 1970s, Simplon focused on racing bikes, becoming their workhorse. The brand gained national recognition when Austrian cyclist Gerhard Zadrobilek won the Tour of Austria in 1981 on a Simplon bike. In 1988, Simplon took the next step by launching a range of mountain bikes. 

Andreas Hämmerle, son of founder Kurt Hämmerle, introduced this trend from the USA to the production site in Hard, Austria. Today, Simplon continues to manufacture all its models in Hard, on Lake Constance in Austria.

Simplon's value proposition is the manufacture of individual, beautiful and lightweight electric bicycles. By choosing a Simplon electric bike, you are deliberately opting for a top-of-the-range product made in Austria. The brand is committed to offering the best possible quality, without compromise. 

Simplon offers a wide range of electric bikes covering all categories, from electric racing bikes to electric mountain bikes, women's models, trekking bikes and electric touring bikes.

Here is a table summarizing the prices of the Simplon bikes mentioned:

ModelPrice (€)
Carbon Road Bike - PRIDE II - Force eTap AXS9.427,56
Carbon Road Bike - KIARO DISC - Ultegra Di25.081,34
Men's Carbon Mountain Bike - SILKCARBON - XT- 303.084,71
Chenoa Max - Deore - Unisex Carbon Trekking E-Bike5.242,69
PRIDE II - Ultegra Di2 - Carbon Roadbike7.158,66
Chenoa Max - Deore - Unisex Carbon Trekking E-Bike5.242,69
Carbon MTB 29″ - CIREX SL - XT-126.493,11
Gravel Carbon bike - INISSIO GRAVEL - GRX 6004.435,97
Carbon Road Bike - PRIDE II - Ultegra-24 Di29.125,04
Gravel Carbon bike - INISSIO GRAVEL - GRX 6004.435,97

German mountain bikes from Rotwild

Rotwild is a German brand that has specialized in electric bikes for many years. Founded in 1996 by Peter Schlitt and Peter Böhm, the brand is little-known in France, but has enjoyed great success in the past, notably with Irina Kalentieva's XCO world title in 2009.

In 2013, Rotwild was one of the first brands to embrace the electric shift. Although it still offers a few classic bikes in its range, its main offering now focuses on electric-assist bikes.

One of Rotwild's flagship models is the R.X750, an e-bike designed for big mountains, with 150 mm of travel and different wheel diameters: 29″ at the front and 27.5″ at the rear. This model testifies to Rotwild's commitment to top-level performance in the electric mountain bike segment.

Rotwild's value proposition lies in the combination of German engineering expertise, manufacturing quality and the advanced technology used in their electric bikes. The brand aims to offer high-performance, reliable and innovative bikes capable of meeting the demands of passionate cyclists who want to explore mountain trails with electric assistance.

Rotwild emphasizes the quality of its bikes, using top-of-the-range materials and applying rigorous manufacturing standards. Their aim is to create bikes that offer a comfortable ride, great handling and excellent performance, whether on the trails or in competition.

Here is an overview of Rotwild ATVs:

Rotwild R.X375 FS Core 20227 629,00 €
Rotwild R.C750 FS Core 20227 629,00 €
Rotwild R.X750 FS Core 20227 629,00 €
Rotwild R.X735 FS Core 20228 129,00 €
Rotwild R.E750 FS Core 20228 129,00 €
Rotwild R.C750 FS Pro 20228 659,00 €

How much does a German mountain bike cost? 

Here is a summary table of bicycle brands in descending order of price, with the approximate price range for each brand:

BrandPrice range (€)
Simplon3 084,71 € – 9 427,56 €
Haibike2 799,00 € – 6 599,00 €
Rose Bikes755,29 € – 3 024,19 €
Canyon1 599,00 € – 3 999,00 €
Focus1 599,00 € – 2 899,00 €
Ghost249,00 € – 1 689,00 €
Rotwild7629,00€ - 8569,00 €
Steven Bikes 2999,00€ - 5999 ;00€
Radon 2499,00€ – 4999,00€
Cube879,00 € – 1549,00€

Please note that the prices quoted are approximate and may vary according to the models and options selected. Please visit the brand websites to find out more about prices.