TOP 10 German electric bike brands 

When we talk about electric bicycles, we automatically think about principles such as ecology, sustainable mobility and environmental preservation. Whatever your motivations, remember to opt for bike models offering every guarantee of quality and reliability. We have compiled a selection of the top 10 German electric bicycle brands. 

Riese & Müller electric bikes

Riese & Müller is a German e-bike brand that has become a market leader. The company was founded in 1993 by two engineer friends, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, in Darmstadt, Germany. At first, bike design was simply a hobby for them, until Markus invented the first folding bike in 1992, called the Birdy.

After winning the Hessian Innovation Award, Riese & Müller was officially born. Over the years, the brand has turned its attention to the e-bike market, capitalizing on their engineering expertise and passion to offer high-quality bikes.

The company's philosophy is based on the pursuit of perfection. Every detail is carefully thought out, with innovative technologies and original design. Riese & Müller's aim is to offer solutions tailored to specific needs.

Riese & Müller bikes are distinguished by their advanced technology. They offer excellent grip on the road, even on difficult paths, thanks to special tires and a low center of gravity. This allows riders to maintain total control over their bikes. 

The brand also uses Bosch's DualBattery system, which integrates a second battery to double the range of electric bikes. This brings total battery capacity to 1,000 Wh. Riese & Müller e-bikes are equipped with Bosch central motors, located at pedal level. In terms of transmission, the brand offers a range of derailleurs, including Shimano Deore, Shimano XTR Di2, NuVinci H-Sync N380, Shimano Nexus, Rhloff Speedhub, Rohloff E-14 and Alfine Di2.

Riese & Müller's value proposition lies in its combination of exceptional build quality, innovative technologies and distinctive design. The brand aims to offer electric bikes that perfectly meet cyclists' needs in terms of performance, range and comfort. Thanks to their technical expertise and attention to detail, Riese & Müller has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high-end, reliable electric bikes.

Here is a summary table of the Riese & Müller electric bicycle models:

Mixed Multicharger GT Family 20235 249,00€
UBN SIX TOURING 20235 048,00€
Ubn Seven Touring 20235 278,00€
Ubn Seven Singlespeed 20235 378,00€
Ubn Seven Silent 20235 578,00€
PACKSTER 70 TOURING 20237 569,00€

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary according to the specifications, options and configurations chosen for each model. We recommend checking current prices with an authorized dealer or the official Riese & Müller website for accurate, up-to-date information.

Cube electric bikes

CUBE was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Bavaria, by Marcus Puerner. From the outset, the company has focused on frame design and bicycle assembly using the world's finest components. Today, CUBE's product range includes over 400 different models of classic and electric bicycles.

One of CUBE's advantages over some of the larger listed companies is that it can think long-term, without having to worry about shareholder interests. The company focuses on continuous improvement in design, materials and manufacturing processes. Its headquarters in Germany are home to a team of dedicated engineers who work tirelessly to create top-quality bicycles.

The current CUBE factory, built in 2016, covers more than 36,000 square meters. It houses two assembly lines where 500 people work in two shifts to produce over 4,500 classic and electric bikes every day. To meet growing demand and reduce supply chain problems, CUBE is building new production and storage facilities in Germany and other European countries.

CUBE seeks to exploit the full potential of each bike and embodies ideas developed in-house. Each bike undergoes extensive testing in an in-house test laboratory to ensure that it is capable of withstanding use in line with its design. Bikes are subjected to impact, hard braking and load stress, and every relevant component is exhaustively tested, exceeding minimum standards.

The CUBE Test Standard (CTS) classifies each bike into a specific category and subjects the model to a series of tests to guarantee maximum performance. Carbon frames undergo rigorous quality control before assembly, to ensure that everything conforms to tolerances.

CUBE's value proposition lies in its constant search for the perfect balance between weight, durability, integration and design, to meet the requirements of every type of use. The brand stands out for the quality of its bikes, thoroughly tested, and its commitment to providing high-performance, reliable products for cycling enthusiasts.

Here is a summary table of prices for the Cube electric bike models:

Cube Acid 240 Hybrid Rookie Pro2 069 €
Cube Acid 240 Hybrid Rookie SL2 369 €
Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid5 119 €
Cube Compact Hybrid 5003 018 €
Cube Ella Cruise Hybrid2 869 €
Cube Kathmandu Hybrid One2 849 €
Cube Nuride Hybrid EXC3 449 €
Cube Nuride Hybrid Performance2 969 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid EXC3 519 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid ONE2 619 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance2 969 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro3 069 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid Race3 469 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid Rookie SL2 569 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid SL4 019 €
Cube Reaction Hybrid SLT4 269 €
Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro3 969 €
Cube Supreme Hybrid EXC3 219 €
Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid EXC3 719 €

Focus electric bikes

Focus is a German bicycle brand founded in 1992 by world cyclocross champion Mike Kluge. It offers a wide range of road bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes and electric-assist bikes. The Focus story goes back to 1990, when Mike Kluge, after missing out on the MTB World Championship title in Italy, decided to develop and customize bicycle frames in collaboration with manufacturers. He takes the name of his brand from the autofocus technology used in cameras.

In 1993, Mike won the Cyclocross World Championship title on his own brand bike, marking Focus' official entry into the market. Focus subsequently joins the DERBY CYCLE - PON group, benefiting from the reputation of ALKHOFF, a pioneering electric bike brand within the group.

In 2011, Focus launched its first electric bike, relying on partnerships with key industry players such as Bosch, Shimano, Impulse and Fazua. Since 2017, the brand has developed innovative concepts such as the TEC, FOLD, CIA and RAT. Numerous champions such as Filippo Pozzato, Stefano Garzelli, Alexandr Kolobnev and others have already competed on Focus bikes.

Focus' value proposition is based on its commitment to providing high-quality bikes, with a focus on performance, innovation and customization. By collaborating with industry experts and using cutting-edge technologies, Focus seeks to offer high-performance bikes tailored to the needs of professional and amateur cyclists alike.

Here is a summary table of Focus bike prices:

Focus Planet2 5.9 20222 849,05 €
AVENTURA² 6.6 20223 199,00 €
Focus Jarifa2 6.7 Nine3 199,00 €
Focus Jarifa2 6.73 699,00 €
Focus Planet2 6.83 799,00 €
Focus Aventura2 6.73 899,00 €
Focus Jarifa2 6.84 399,00 €

Haibike electric bikes

HAIBIKE is a world-renowned brand specializing in electric mountain bikes. Founded in 1995, it quickly became the world leader in this field. HAIBIKE pioneered the BOSCH drivetrain for electric mountain bikes in 2010, and the brand has been innovating ever since.

The HAIBIKE range offers a wide selection of electric bikes, comprising 98 models in total for 2019. These include 81 electric mountain bikes and 17 electric mountain bikes, covering all riding practices and all levels of the range. This diversity of choice means that every cyclist can find the model that best suits his or her needs and preferences.

HAIBIKE's value proposition is based on its excellent value for money, resulting from its leading position in electric mountain bikes. As the WINORA Group's sports brand, HAIBIKE stands out for its resolutely sporty identity, offering bikes with comfortable to extreme geometries.

HAIBIKE is renowned for its electric know-how and close collaboration with renowned motor manufacturers such as BOSCH and YAMAHA. The brand offers powerful and responsive motorizations, such as YAMAHA PW, PW-SE, PW-X and BOSCH Performance CX, to provide cyclists with optimum performance.

When it comes to frame design, HAIBIKE stands out for its in-depth research into the integration of electrical components, guaranteeing meticulous aesthetics and harmonious integration.

Here's a summary table of HAIBIKE model prices:

Haibike AllTrail 43 699 €
Haibike AllTrail 53 999 €
Haibike AllTrail 64 199 €
Haibike HardNine 42 399 €
Haibike HardNine 52 599 €
Haibike HardNine 62 899 €
Haibike HardNine 73 199 €
Haibike HardNine 93 699 €
Haibike HardSeven2 599 €
Haibike Nduro 8 Freeride, blue6 799 €
Haibike Trekking 104 199 €
Haibike Trekking 42 799 €
Haibike Trekking 52 799 €
Haibike Trekking 62 999 €
Haibike Trekking 73 199 €
Haibike Trekking 83 999 €

Bulls electric bikes

BULLS is a brand that has been present in the cycling world since 1995, offering a high level of quality in a wide price range. Whether for mountain bike beginners or professional cyclists looking for carbon racing bikes for top-level competitions, BULLS offers a wide variety of bikes that regularly win tests carried out by the renowned specialist press.

Since the creation of the BULLS team in 2007, the brand has benefited directly from the expertise of professional sport in the development of its products. Cyclists like Karl Platt, double German champion and five-time winner of the Cape-Epic, are directly involved in the development of new bikes and interesting innovations. As well as offering excellent value for money, BULLS places great importance on fair trade production.

With 130 employees and more than 1,000 dealers in Europe, BULLS guarantees lasting success. The brand is present in twelve countries, including the USA, New Zealand, Russia and Great Britain, helping to boost its reputation. Flagship models such as the legendary Copperhead are growing in popularity.

As a member of a powerful network, BULLS has around 1,000 independent bike dealers in Europe, giving customers a point of sale close by. BULLS dealers offer comprehensive, high-level advice, no-obligation test rides and a wide range of bikes, including best-sellers and those with the highest test scores. A complete service is guaranteed.

Thanks to its central warehouse in Cologne, BULLS can usually deliver all original parts within 24 hours, enabling fast, high-quality repairs.

The BULLS value proposition is based on a combination of high quality, a wide range of products to meet the needs of different types of cyclists, collaboration with sports professionals in the development of new bikes, and an extensive presence of dealers offering full service and specialist advice. The brand also places great importance on fair production and customer satisfaction.

Here is a summary table of the BULLS models:

Copperhead EVO AM 1 27.5+3 499,00 €
E-Stream EVO TR 1 27.5+3 899,00 €
Sonic EVO AM 13 999,00 €
Sonic EVO AM-SL 1 Carbon4 699,00 €
E-Stream EVO AM 4 27.5+5 499,00 €

Kalkhoff electric bikes

KALKHOFF is a German brand founded in 1919. It specializes in the manufacture of electric bicycles and is considered a pioneer in this field among the major bicycle brands.

Since 2007, KALKHOFF has been a historic leader in electric bikes. The brand produces its electric bike ranges at its Cloppenburg industrial site in Germany. In 1998, KALKHOFF joined the DERBY CYCLE - PON group, Germany's largest bicycle manufacturer. The DERBY CYCLE Group, which also includes the FOCUS, GAZELLE, SANTA CRUZ, UNIVEGA and RIXE brands, produces 600,000 bicycles a year at its Cloppenburg site.

KALKHOFF bikes are distinguished by their design and manufacturing quality. The brand offers a comprehensive range of electric bikes, from compact urban models to comfort, city, touring and sports models such as trekking and cross-country. The brand's style is characterized by sober, elegant lines and modern design.

For electric bikes, KALKHOFF has been collaborating with BOSCH since 2011. This partnership enables KALKHOFF to benefit from comprehensive know-how in electric design. In fact, KALKHOFF is the only major brand to have developed its own motorization range called IMPULSE since 2011. KALKHOFF works in collaboration with German motor manufacturer DAUM and German battery designer BMZ to offer the brand's best value for money, including battery capacities of up to 600 Wh.

KALKHOFF's value proposition lies in its long experience in the field of electric bikes, its design and manufacturing know-how, its collaboration with renowned partners such as BOSCH, DAUM and BMZ, and its comprehensive range of electric bikes to meet the different needs of cyclists, from everyday urban life to outdoor adventures.

Here's a summary table of prices for KALKHOFF bicycles:

Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.B2 449 €
Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B4 099 €
Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B4 899 €
Kalkhoff Entice 1.B2 649 €
Kalkhoff Entice 3.B3 049 €
Kalkhoff Entice 5.B4 099 €
Kalkhoff Entice 7.B Advance4 899 €
Kalkhoff Image 1.B Advance2 849 €
Kalkhoff Image 3.B Advance3 249 €
Kalkhoff Image 5.B Advance+4 399 €

Stevens electric bikes

Stevens is a German bicycle brand with a history dating back to Hamburg. Founded with a simple but ambitious philosophy, Stevens has always aimed to achieve its goals and be a pioneer in its field. Today, Stevens is one of Germany's leading bicycle manufacturers, offering a wide range of models, including racing bikes, cyclocross bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes (pedelecs), fast electric bikes and children's bikes.

The Stevens brand is present in over 30 countries and manufactures its bikes at production sites in Germany and the European Union. What sets Stevens apart is its ability to produce high-end, custom-built bicycles, handcrafted in their local factory. However, standard Stevens bikes are also highly appreciated for their quality, light weight, attractive price and durability.

Stevens' value proposition lies in the combination of several key elements: build quality, lightweight bikes, attractive pricing and durability. Stevens strives to offer high-quality bikes that meet the needs of cyclists, whether for competition, urban commuting, outdoor adventures or family rides. The brand also focuses on innovation, offering high-performance electric bikes and keeping up with the latest market trends.

Here is a summary table of Stevens bicycle models:

E-Triton 45 Gent5399 €
E-Triton 45 Forma5399 €
E-Triton Plus4999 €
E-Triton PT6 Gent4399 €
E-Triton PT6 Forma4399 €
E-Triton PT5 Gent4099 €
E-Triton PT5 Lady4099 €
E-Triton PT5 Forma4099 €
E-Triton Gent3899 €
E-Triton Lady3899 €
E-Triton Forma3899 €
E-Lavena PT5 Gent3649 €
E-Lavena PT5 Lady3649 €
E-Lavena PT5 Forma3649 €
E-Bormio Luxe Gent3199 €
E-Bormio Luxe Lady3199 €
E-Bormio Luxe Forma3199 €
E-Bormio Gent2799 €
E-Bormio Lady2799 €
E-Bormio Forma2799 €
E-Molveno Gent2399 €
E-Molveno Lady2399 €
E-Molveno Forma2399 €

Bergamont electric bikes

Bergamont's history dates back to 1993, when the brand was founded in a small bicycle repair store in Hamburg, Germany. With the help of German engineers with a passion for bicycles, the brand quickly established itself as a benchmark in the German market.

Today, Bergamont develops its bikes in close collaboration with the riders of the Bergamont cycling team, guaranteeing high-quality, high-performance products.

Bergamont offers a wide range of electric bikes to suit different needs. E-ville electric bikes are perfect for everyday city commuting, offering practicality and comfort. E-HORIZON electric mountain bikes are versatile and suitable for leisure activities, allowing you to explore new horizons. Bergamont electric mountain bikes are designed for extreme sports and adventure enthusiasts, offering exceptional power and performance.

Bergamont's value proposition lies in the combination of attractive design, vibrant colors, versatility and user comfort. The brand strives to create bicycles that meet the needs of cyclists, whether they are used for commuting, leisure or sporting challenges. Bergamont focuses on quality, performance and innovation to deliver an exceptional cycling experience to its customers.

Here is a summary table of prices for the various Bergamont bicycle models:

Bergamont e-Horizon 4 RT2 499,00 €
Bergamont e-Horizon Tour Wave 4002 699,00 €
Bergamont e-Horizon Tour Wave 5002 899,00 €
Bergamont e-Horizon Tour 5002 899,00 €
Bergamont e-Revox 42 999,00 €
Bergamont e-Horizon N8 CB 5002 999,00 €
Bergamont e-Horizon N8 CB 500 Wave2 999,00 €
Bergamont Paul-e Eq Edition2 999,00 €
Bergamont e-Horizon N5e FH 500 Wave3 099,00 €

Flyer electric bikes

FLYER is a Swiss brand that has specialized in electrically-assisted bicycles (EABs) since 1995. It is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the field, thanks to its expertise in innovation and design of high-performance, versatile EABs. Typically Swiss precision is a key characteristic of the brand, which has been developing intelligent, robust electric bikes for over 25 years.

FLYER offers a wide range of EABs to suit different needs and profiles. Whether you want to conquer mountain passes, enjoy leisurely rides or simply commute to work, FLYER offers comfortable urban models as well as crossover, touring and mountainbike ranges. The brand has an attractive and diverse range of bikes to suit all tastes.

Premium quality, elegant design, easy handling, reliability and high-quality features are essential criteria in every FLYER e-bike. The brand is committed to providing an excellent riding experience, with an emphasis on safety, stability and comfort. 

FLYER benefits from decades of experience and innovation in electric bicycles, enabling it to offer advanced features and innovative design.

FLYER's value proposition is based on its clear specialization in ECVs and the know-how it has accumulated over the years. FLYER AC bikes are renowned for their outstanding quality, durability and reliability. 

The brand also offers generous warranties, such as a five-year warranty for the frame, two years for components and electronics, and two years for the battery with a guaranteed residual capacity of at least 60 % after two years or 500 full charge cycles.

Here is a summary table of the prices of the FLYER electric bikes mentioned :

ModelInitial price
Gotour4 flyer 7.034 349,00 €
Flyer Gotour5 5.003 949,00 €
Gotour5 flyer 7.235 099,00 €
Gotour6 flyer 3.403 849,00 €
Flyer Gotour6 5.40 20224 349,00 €

Winora electric bikes

The history of the WINORA brand dates back to 1921, when its founder, Engelbert Wiener, built the first handmade bicycles for his daughters. At the time, there were no mass-produced bicycles for children and teenagers. 

Engelbert Wiener, himself a former track sprint champion, wanted to give his daughters the opportunity to get around by bike and feel the sense of independence he himself had experienced. This desire to make bicycle mobility accessible to all is at the heart of WINORA's new brand strategy.

Today, WINORA strives to remain in full possession of its resources to face the future in a sustainable way. The brand is rooted in tradition and guided by courage and a passion for change. It constantly reviews and adapts its attitudes to meet people's concerns and motivations.

WINORA's value proposition is based on its vision of autonomous, safe and clean mobility. The brand recognizes that the bicycle, in its current form, is the most efficient and sustainable means of transport for making our cities greener and more liveable. WINORA offers a range of bikes designed to meet the needs and preferences of cyclists from all walks of life.

With a focus on quality, reliability and innovation, WINORA offers bikes that combine performance and durability. The brand is committed to providing bicycle mobility solutions that are not only practical and functional, but also offer an enjoyable riding experience and a sense of independence.

In its new brand strategy, WINORA draws on the family history and unique experience of its founder to strengthen its bond with customers and offer products that reflect this authenticity. The brand seeks to create a community of passionate cyclists who share the values of sustainable mobility and independence.

Here is a table summarizing the prices of the different models of WINORA bicycles:

Chica 20€549,00
Chica 20 VVT€549,00
Chica 20 3 vit.€549,00
Chica 20 3 vit. Monotube€549,00
Chica 24€599,00
Chica 24 VVT€599,00
Chica 24 21 vit.€439,00
Chica 24 21 vit. Monotube€439,00
Chica 24 7 vit.€599,00
Chica 24 7 vit. Monotube€599,00
Chica 26€529,00
Chica 26 Monotube€529,00
Chica 26 21 vit.€529,00
Chica 26 21 vit. Monotube€529,00
Dash 20€549,00
Dash 20 VVT€549,00
Dash 24€599,00

How much does a German electric bike cost?

Here is the requested table listing the brands in descending order of price, with the first column containing the brand name and the second column containing the approximate price range:

BrandPrice range
Riese & Müller€5,048 – €7,569
Cube€2,069 – €5,119
Focus€2,849 – €3,799
Haibike€2,399 – €6,799
BULLS€3,499 – €5,499
KALKHOFF€2,449 – €4,899
Stevens€2,399 – €5,399
Bergamont€2,499 – €3,099
FLYER€3,849 – €5,099
WINORA€439 – €599

Please note that price ranges are approximate and may vary according to the models and options selected. We recommend checking exact prices with dealers or official brand websites.