TOP 10 German womenswear brands

Looking for quality women's clothing at reasonable prices? German brands are renowned for their many collections dedicated to women, with particular attention to detail. We've put together a selection of 10 German womenswear brands, renowned for their craftsmanship and quality materials. You'll have an interesting choice when it comes to women's clothing.

Hugo Boss women's clothing

Hugo Boss is an iconic brand in the world of fashion and ready-to-wear. Founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss, this German company began by producing basic garments such as overalls, shirts, linens and windbreakers. In the 1960s, the brand diversified and launched its first line of high-end suits, making a name for itself in the menswear market.

Over the years, despite changes in management, Hugo Boss has succeeded in expanding internationally, drawing on the support of renowned ambassadors to popularize the brand. Celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore have worn Hugo Boss suits, helping to raise the brand's profile.

In the 1980s, Hugo Boss broadened its offer by developing leisurewear such as sweaters and sweatshirts, as well as accessories and fragrances. Today, Hugo Boss offers numerous brands for men, women and children, providing its customers with a wide range of choices.

Hugo Boss' value proposition is based on the quality, elegance and timeless style of its products. The brand is renowned for its impeccable suits and high-quality garments, crafted with attention to detail and premium materials. Hugo Boss embodies a refined, sophisticated style, emphasizing modern aesthetics and careful attention to fit and finish.

In this way, the Hugo Boss brand offers its customers a high-end shopping experience, with collections that combine innovation, tradition and craftsmanship. The brand's reputation rests on its commitment to quality, timeless elegance and attention to detail, making Hugo Boss a major player in the fashion industry.

Here is a table summarizing the prices of BOSS women's clothing:

ArticlePrice ($)
Sleeveless turtleneck top113
Geometric pants281
Long dress with overlapping ruffles271
Short-sleeved cotton polo shirt168
Jonah_Run_NYPU Sneakers356
Performance sports bra90
Deyela graphic print shirt dress466
Long-sleeved polo shirt185
100 mm open-toe wedge sandals157
Printed high-neck T-shirt202
Cotton cap with embroidered logo81
Sweater with embroidered logo168
Tapered-cut jogging pants168
Pegged shorts90
Tweed bomber jacket338
Sleeveless blouse in silk blend design222
Cross-buttonhole jacket723
Sweater with embroidered logo168
Novia 38 mm chronograph watch393
Straight-leg pants with drawstring202
Silk shirt181
Logo print dress-hoodie142
Straight-leg pants with drawstring202
Abstract print shirt232
Short-sleeved knit top90
T-shirt with contrasting details217
Falyssias short-sleeved sweater146
Tapered jeans with faded effect168
Round-rimmed sunglasses290
Tie waist shorts128
Loose-fitting blazer346
Abstract print shirt-dress433

Please note that these prices are indicative and may vary according to the retailer. Please visit the Hugo Boss website to find out more about the brand's prices. 

Escada women's clothing 

ESCADA is a world-renowned German brand in the women's fashion industry. In 1978, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley presented their first collection under the ESCADA name, with the innovative concept of "democratizing" haute couture. The brand quickly made a name for itself, offering quality garments, impeccable cuts and affordable pieces that appealed to a wide audience.

ESCADA has made a name for itself by offering high-quality fabrics, creative design and extremely comfortable garments. The brand also introduced a coordinating system, making it easy to combine different pieces from the collection, creating a harmonious look season after season. This concept has contributed to ESCADA's popularity and success.

Today, ESCADA embodies casual glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance. The brand offers a wide range of clothing for the contemporary woman, covering all of life's occasions. Whether for work, leisure or special occasions, ESCADA offers a complete lifestyle concept.

ESCADA's value proposition lies in its commitment to offering women fashion that combines glamour, femininity and comfort. The brand offers collections that enhance the feminine silhouette, with flattering cuts and high-quality materials. ESCADA represents a sophisticated lifestyle, with essential pieces for everyday wardrobes as well as outfits to shine on special occasions.

Here is a summary table of Escada women's clothing prices:

ArticlePrice (€)
Blazer, suit jacket80
Raincoat, trench coat592
Mid-length dress259
Mid-length skirt34
Top, tee-shirt34
Mid-length dress45
Straight jeans50
Top, tee-shirt30
Straight-leg pants100
Mid-length dress119
Straight-leg pants146
Mid-length skirt34
Wide-leg pants16
Blazer, suit jacket226
Straight-leg pants34
Top, tee-shirt20
Top, tee-shirt24
Mid-length skirt36
Blazer, suit jacket66
Mid-length skirt19
Top, tee-shirt45
Top, tee-shirt20
Blazer, suit jacket150
Mid-length skirt45
Mid-length skirt35
Mid-length skirt45
Blazer, suit jacket130
Wide-leg pants100
Blazer, suit jacket150
Short dress80
Mid-length skirt59
Blazer, suit jacket100
Blazer, suit jacket77
Mid-length dress242
Short dress35
Top, tee-shirt15
Sleeveless fur vest285
Blazer, suit jacket49
Flared boot-cut jeans45
Mid-length skirt39
Straight-leg pants60
Mid-length dress197
Blazer, suit jacket59

Marc Cain women's clothing 

Marc Cain is a German women's fashion brand founded in 1973 by Helmut Schlotterer, who is also its CEO. The brand's vision is centered on the modern woman, confident, living in the present, tolerant and curious. Marc Cain designs and creates pieces that accompany women in their daily lives, enhancing their femininity and self-assurance.

Over the decades, Marc Cain has updated its collections season after season, paying particular attention to detail and perfection. The brand strives to meet its own high standards in terms of design, quality, materials, manufacturing techniques and innovative cuts. What makes the Marc Cain look unique is the subtle interplay between different materials and silhouettes, creating a particular seduction that is at once lively, expressive and uncomplicated.

Marc Cain emphasizes the use of new technologies to produce its designs, including quality knitwear made at 100 % in Germany. The brand also uses an inkjet printing technique that not only displays vibrant colors, but also gives them luminosity. In addition to design, Marc Cain places great importance on the choice of innovative, high-performance materials, creating fashion that has been appreciated and loved by women for over four decades.

As a premium women's fashion brand, Marc Cain has its own production facility in Germany and a worldwide presence. Helmut Schlotterer, as CEO, leads the company with passion, making Marc Cain one of the few remaining owner-managed fashion companies. The vision of fashion that Helmut Schlotterer wanted to create for timeless women remains at the heart of the brand and has been strengthened over the years.

Marc Cain's value proposition lies in its commitment to quality design, innovative materials and impeccable tailoring. The brand offers versatile, modern fashion for every occasion in a woman's life. It embodies refinement, self-confidence and femininity, while maintaining a lively, expressive style.

Here's a summary of Marc Cain women's clothing prices:

ArticlePrice (€)
Pink satin tank top108.00
Long pleated skirt Vaporeuse250.00
Fluid print pants280.00
Lovely Anis cotton jacket350.00
Lovely white cotton jacket350.00
Tulle dress 310.00
Original Long Dress310.00
Tulle finish T-shirt135.00
Navy or White short jacket236.00
Cashmere printed jacket350.00
Original Off-White Jacket350.00
Tulle and Lace Sport Jacket290.00

Jil Sander women's clothing 

Jil Sander is a German fashion brand known for its clean, minimalist aesthetic, offering collections for women and men, as well as accessories, bags and jewelry. Founded by Jil Sander herself, the brand aims to create sober, comfortable and elegant pieces for a new generation of active, modern women. Jil Sander's style is characterized by clean lines, meticulous detail and the use of high-quality materials.

The Jil Sander story began in 1968, when Jil Sander opened his first boutique in Hamburg. His minimalist style, strongly influenced by men's looks, quickly became emblematic and crossed the decades. 

The brand developed not only in fashion, but also in cosmetics and perfumes, with the launch of a line in 1979 in collaboration with the Lancaster group. Over the years, the brand has also offered accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry, eyewear, underwear and swimwear.

In their work, the art director duo highlight luminous pieces, playing on contrasts and paying particular attention to jewelry, while preserving the brand's soft, modern minimalist style. Jil Sander's value proposition lies in its clean aesthetic, impeccable lines and use of high-quality materials, offering timeless elegance and subtle refinement to men and women alike.

Here is a summary table of Jil Sanders women's clothing prices: 

Short-cut tailored pants886 €
Beach mat with woven design2 932 €
Striped cotton T-shirt359 €
Belted single-breasted coat2 349 €
Cotton sweatshirt with printed logo442 €
Cotton hoodie with printed logo544 €
Hooded down jacket1 962 €
Wool coat with belted waistband3 299 €
Oversized turtleneck sweater1 782 €
Coat with printed logo1 895 €
Logo T-shirt262 €
V-neck tank top878 €
Oversized hooded down jacket1 531 €
Logo printed hoodie448 €
Oversized single-breasted blazer2 232 €
High-collar down jacket2 513 €
Jogging pants with elasticated ankles864 €
Drawstring waist pants654 €
Tied-waist cashmere coat2 565 €
Loose-fitting V-neck sweater1 872 €
Cotton shirt-dress1 245 €
Logo printed overshirt1 432 €
Long-sleeved shirt661 €
Palazzo pants with pronounced pleats1 380 €
Hooded zip down jacket1 625 €
Midi-length shirt-dress with officer collar1 390 €
Mid-length dress with jewelled collar2 220 €
Tied short-sleeved blouse576 €
Shirt with wrap-around design1 065 €
Long-sleeved Tuesday shirt524 €
Ribbed crop top549 €
Striped T-shirt269 €
Loose-fitting T-shirt with printed logo291 €
Mid-length dress with ruffled hem915 €
Pack of 3 logo patch t-shirts325 €
High-waisted suit pants (promotion)1 026 €
Mesh dress with stand-up collar1 417 €
Blouse with draped collar1 065 €
Open-back blazer2 100 €
Cotton sweatshirt with logo patch527 €
Gathered short dress (conscious)1 749 €
Midi-length shirt-dress with officer's collar (conscious)1 446 €
Logo appliqué bomber jacket2 206 €
Sleeveless mid-length dress549 €

Bogner women's clothing 

Founded in 1932 by Willy Bogner, the eponymous brand is a pioneer in luxury skiwear. Willy Bogner was a ski athlete, and his wife, Maria Bogner, helped bring a touch of sensibility to the brand. In 1948, she created the technical-chic "bogner" pant, made from stretch materials.

In 1955, Maria Bogner created the famous "B" logo, which has become the unique symbol of the brand. Nicknamed "the Dior of skiwear", the Bogner brand offers modern, trendy lines, and dresses many celebrities.

Willy Bogner's son Willy Bogner Jr. took over the family business in the 1970s. A former professional athlete, he ended his sporting career after a fall and devoted himself to his passion for film production. He became James Bond's official understudy for ski scenes, and in 1986 directed his world-famous film "Fire and Ice".

As a supplier to German athletes at the Winter Olympics for 60 years, the Bogner brand is firmly rooted in national sport. In 2022, Bogner will celebrate its 90th anniversary. Today, the brand remains a benchmark in the world of luxury, offering elegant and glamorous skiwear.

Bogner's value proposition lies in its long tradition of excellence and quality in luxury skiwear. The brand offers modern, on-trend designs, combined with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Bogner embodies elegance, style and glamour in the world of skiing, offering winter sports enthusiasts functional and aesthetically pleasing garments.

Here is a summary table of Bogner women's clothing prices: 

Luma cotton-blend polo shirt80 €
Dahlia quilted vest249 €
Rosy quilted bomber jacket384 €
Betty down vest379 €
Venja Functional pleated miniskirt136 €
Laia short-sleeved quilted jacket265 €
Elonie cotton-blend polo shirt94 €
Jolli wool-cashmere cardigan419 €
High-rise cotton-blend sweatpants165 €
Striped wool and cashmere sweater295 €
Jana pleated tennis minidress174 €
Mirana miniskirt108 €
Aurora paneled jacket335 €
Charlet cotton-blend jersey hoodie249 €
Joy mid-rise pants249 €
High-rise stirrup leggings295 €
Teddy wool-blend sweatshirt419 €
Venja high-rise pleated miniskirt136 €
Luma cotton-blend polo shirt80 €
Zadie knit polo shirt155 €
Nicole down coat587 €

Escada Sport women's clothing 

ESCADA is an internationally renowned luxury fashion brand for women. Founded in 1978 by Swedish model Margaretha Ley and her husband Wolfgang Ley, ESCADA is now based in Munich, Germany. It embodies modern elegance, glamour and femininity. The ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT lines offer ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories for everyday wear, as well as refined, glamorous evening wear.

Margaretha Ley, trained in couture at the Royal Court of Stockholm, had a keen sense of what discerning women wanted. As the brand's artistic director, she created designs with bright colors, opulent embroidery and eye-catching pattern mixes, perfectly representing the extravagant style of the 80s. ESCADA enjoyed dazzling success and later expanded its range to include accessories, shoes and jewelry, becoming one of Germany's most fashionable brands.

In the 90s, ESCADA continued its success with supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford, who also posed for its advertising campaigns. After Margaretha Ley's death in 1992, American designer Brian Rennie took over as artistic director. He breathed new life into the brand and launched the more affordable ESCADA SPORT line.

Today, ESCADA is committed to constantly reinterpreting its DNA in a contemporary way. Emma Cook has held the position of Artistic Director since 2019. ESCADA is present in 80 countries worldwide, with around 1,100 points of sale. ESCADA's value proposition lies in its heritage of luxury and elegance, combined with modern, glamorous style. 

The brand offers high-quality ready-to-wear and accessories collections, highlighting femininity and refinement. ESCADA creations captivate women looking to express their unique style and self-confidence, both in their everyday lives and on special occasions.

Here is a summary table of Escada Sport women's clothing prices:

ArticleOriginal price
Doudoune Mylari 5032718 Navy Regular Fit428,00 €
Ditik knit dress 5032447 Grey Regular Fit307,00 €
Espraia T-shirt 5033145 Black Regular Fit214,00 €

Comma women's clothing 

The German-born comma brand was founded in 1973. It is part of the s.Oliver Group, which employs 7,500 people and generates sales of 1.6 billion euros. comma is positioned in the premium segment, offering collections for active women. Whether for the professional world, casual wear or fashion, comma collections are always feminine and inspired by the great fashion metropolises. They can be adapted to any situation and are characterized by their originality. The brand presents twelve collections a year, offering fashion-loving women constant inspiration.

The comma brand has many assets. Women who discover its collections are seduced by their style. In addition, comma offers franchisees a premium concept at affordable prices, less expensive than those developed by the competition. Finally, the s.Oliver Group, as a solid company, has made comma an international success story.

Here is a summary table of Comma women's clothing prices: 

MIT RIPPBLENDEN - Basic T-shirt - weiß69,00 €
Sheath dress - schwarz139,00 €
Day dress - beige129,00 €
Long dress - sand119,00 €
MIT KAPPÄRMELN - Day dress - light blue aop149,00 €
SCHIMMERNDE - Blouse - lavendel129,00 €
Printed T-shirt - beige49,00 €
Chino - beige99,00 €
Day dress - navy149,00 €
RÜSCHENKRAGEN - Blouse - white aop59,00 €
Blouse - black99,00 €
SCHIMMERNDE - Blouse - graufrom € 119.00
STOFFHOSE AUS TWILL - Chino - schwarz129,00 €
Shirt dress - light blue stripes99,00 €
Blouse - schwarz59,00 €
ABSTRAKTEM - Tank top - brown aop59,00 €
Blouse - weiß89,00 €
RÜSCHENKRAGEN - Blouse - black aop76,00 €
Day dress - off-white floral p129,00 €
LOOSE FIT - Blouse - weiß89,00 €
Printed T-shirt - bright orange49,00 €
Long-sleeved T-shirt - schwarz59,00 €
Tank top - gelb59,00 €
À EFFET DRAPÉ - Evening dress - inkfrom € 129.00
Basic T-shirt - beige99,00 €
MIT FLORALEM MUSTER - Pencil dress - off-white floral p149,00 €
Blouse - weiß89,00 €
Pencil dress - black129,00 €
MIT BREITEM BUND - Classic pants - off white89,00 €
Blouse - navyfrom € 49.00
Day dress - blackfrom € 129.00
Basic T-shirt - blau59,00 €
Chino - blau99,00 €
MIT AUSBRENNERMUSTER - Shirt dress - black139,00 €
Blouse - schwarz69,00 €
Trapeze skirt - schwarz99,00 €
A-line skirt - beige106,00 €
MIT CUT-OUTS - Blouse - zartrosa79,00 €
MIT PLISSEE FALTEN - Day dress - black129,00 €
Tank top - grau89,00 €
KURZARM - Blouse - white69,00 €
MIT WEITEN HOSENBEINEN - Classic pants - beige109,00 €
Tank top - sandfrom € 49.00
Basic T-shirt - hellgrün69,00 €
Printed T-shirt - off-white floral p59,00 €
MIT NIETENVERZIERUNG - Printed T-shirt - off-white floral p59,00 €
Basic T-shirt - navy49,00 €
Printed T-shirt - grün79,00 €
PUNKTEN - Tunic - black89,00 €
Basic T-shirt - beige69,00 €

Laurèl women's clothing 

The Laurèl brand was founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley as a subsidiary of the German Escada group, one of the leaders in premium women's fashion. Today, Laurèl is an independent brand that distinguishes itself in the field of high-end ready-to-wear. 

Creative and talented designer Elisabeth Schwaiger heads the brand and draws her inspiration from various sources, such as architecture, travel and different cultures around the world. She freely reinterprets the revolutionary design of the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the pop-chic graphic spirit of the 1960s. This combination of tradition and modernity is reflected in Laurèl's innovative and colorful collections.

One of Laurèl's distinctive features is the subtle and surprising play of contrasts that characterizes its style. The brand manages to blend luxury and lightness, as well as refinement and casualness. Despite its undeniable elegance, Laurèl's creations exude a dynamism appreciated by modern women. 

Its real strength lies in a premium design that can be worn every day thanks to its casual allure and feminine freshness. Classic, chic cuts, elaborate details and bright colors enhance femininity without stealing it. Laurèl dresses stand out for their exceptional refinement, with cut-out lace, while Laurèl t-shirts boast clean, contemporary lines. The blouses, meanwhile, are of the utmost elegance, with contrasting piping as their only embellishment.

Laurèl is for women with character who know what they want. The brand offers a wide selection of high-end clothing on About You, at attractive prices, enabling women to recreate a refined look that suits them every day. Whether for professional wear, a casual look or an elegant evening out, Laurèl offers options for every occasion. Its value proposition lies in its unmistakable style, combining finesse, elegance and casualness, while offering meticulous cuts and details.

Here is a summary of prices for Laurèl women's clothing:

Blazer, tailored jacket Laurèl84 € – 250 €
Laurèl pants suit84 € – 490 €
Laurèl tank top39 €
Laurèl coat59 € – 192 €
Top, tee-shirt Laurèl35 €
Laurèl long dress55 € – 450 €
Laurèl short skirt39 €
Laurèl wide-leg pants35 € – 295 €
Laurèl straight jeans35 € – 280 €
Laurèl jacket180 €
Laurèl midi-length dress69 € – 295 €
Laurèl blouse15 €
Raincoat, trench Laurèl59 € – 220 €
Laurèl short skirt84 € – 255 €
Laurèl shirt50 € – 250 €
Laurèl straight-leg pants30 € – 195 €
Laurèl short dress35 € – 295 €
Sweat Laurèl50 €
Laurèl boyfriend jeans35 € – 280 €
Laurèl jacket49 € – 345 €
Mid-length skirt Laurèl35 €
Laurèl long skirt45 € – 300 €
Doudoune Laurèl300 €
Halter dress Laurèl75 € – 450 €
Laurèl leather coat240 €

Marc O'Polo women's clothing 

The Marc O'Polo brand was founded in Stockholm in 1967 by Rolf Lind, Göte Huss and Jerry O'Sheets. Originally, the brand offered patchwork shirts made from Indian cottons. Over the years, Marc O'Polo has become an iconic Scandinavian brand, renowned for its use of natural materials and authentic approach to fashion. To clarify its birthplace and effect a subtle repositioning, the brand changed its name to "Marc O'Polo est. in Stockholm". The choice of the "O" in the name refers to male ancestry in Gaelic, which had sometimes led to confusion as to the brand's origin.

Marc O'Polo played an important role in introducing the sweatshirt to Europe in the early 1970s, transforming it from a student basic to a fashion staple. The brand also stands out for its commitment to natural materials and its authentic vision of Scandinavian fashion.

In terms of its value proposition, Marc O'Polo offers collections that emphasize quality, timeless design and functionality. Natural materials are favored, giving garments a high-end, durable look. The brand offers a wide range of clothing for men, women and children, from shirts and parkas to vests, overcoats and mini-bombers. 

Marc O'Polo's current collections include Sherlock Holmes check parkas, striking overcoats, practical pocket vests, elegant mini-bombers and vests and scarves in imperial purple or light grey fabrics.

The brand stands out for its timeless style, exceptional quality and attention to detail. Marc O'Polo offers versatile clothing for a variety of styles and occasions, with an authentic Scandinavian aesthetic.

Here is a summary table of Marc O'Polo women's clothing prices: 

Steamy linen dress in loose-fitting trapeze cut174,95 €
Linen dress with refreshing effect174,95 €
Flowing slip-on skirt in viscose twill154,95 €
Blouse top in linen and cotton blend99,95 €
High-quality leather sneakers149,95 €
ALVA slim jeans in organic cotton blend109,95 €
Regular Fit short-sleeved blouse in lyocell TENCEL™89,95 €
Linen blouse top with cotton voile back109,95 €
All-over printed scarf44,95 €
Long-sleeved striped T-shirt in textured jersey79,95 €
Slim-fit tank top in ribbed jersey44,95 €
Pointelle jersey cardigan in organic cotton99,95 €
Soft, non-wired bra with padded cups69,95 €
ALBY slim jeans in organic cotton109,95 €
Relaxed fit linen blazer299,95 €
THEDA mid-rise boyfriend jeans139,95 €
Textured cardigan in heavy cotton129,95 €
LULEA slim pants in lyocell blend139,95 €
Organic cotton stretch poplin blouse89,95 €
Soft bra in organic cotton jersey49,95 €
Short knitted sweater in heavy organic cotton139,95 €
TORNE regular pants in cotton blend109,95 €
High-waisted shorts in linen with partially elastic waistband129,95 €
FREJA boyfriend jeans in organic cotton99,95 €
Sleeveless V-neck jersey dress109,95 €
Organic cotton fleece shorts64,95 €
Regular Fit T-shirt in organic cotton44,95 €

Women's clothing Closed 

The Closed brand was founded in 1978 in Italy, initially specializing in the manufacture of Italian denim. Over the years, it has expanded its product range to offer a variety of collections.

Closed distinguishes itself by offering timeless looks and carefully detailed pieces. Its collection includes T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, pants and jackets. The designs are sober, urban and casual, with a touch of modernity rather than timelessness.

The brand pays particular attention to the manufacturing quality of its products. Shirts feature cross-stitched mother-of-pearl buttons, a hidden throat and a liquette hem. Bombers feature high armholes and clean ribbing. Leather jackets are distinguished by fine stitching, and jeans benefit from meticulous finishing.

Closed's value proposition lies in the combination of modern designs, meticulous detailing and quality craftsmanship. The brand aims to offer clothing that can be worn for many seasons, with an emphasis on durability and urban casual style. Closed's products are distinguished by their quality craftsmanship, meticulous finishing and timeless aesthetic with a modern twist.

Here is a summary table of Closed women's clothing prices:

ArticlePrice (€)
Logo T-Shirt110
Milo Denim250
Printed shorts200
V-neck cardigan320
Gillan Denim240
Waist belt with rivets160
Jacquard pullover240
Mesh shirt240
Leather wallet200
Nikka Denim290
Bomber jacket380
Cardigan in mouliné280
Mawson pants250
Organic cotton V-neck sweater220
Aria Denim270
Faris pants270
Pleated skirt290
Sneaker low300
Chambray blouse180
Skinny Pusher Denim250
Half-moon bag Small300
Striped blouse200
V-neck blouse220
Organic cotton cardigan250
V-neck alpaca mix sweater280
Logo hoodie260
Hi-Sun Denim310
Knitted pencil skirt300
Ribbed turtleneck280
Basic Denim Shirt180
Shirt dress300
Denim dress250
Winona pants230
Boxy Denim Jacket350
Oxford blouse180
Studded leather belt180

How much does German women's clothing cost? 

Here's a summary table of the best German womenswear brands and their price ranges.  

BrandPrice range (€)
Jil Sander262 - 3 299
Escala Sport214 – 428
Marc Cain108 – 350
Bogner15 – 587
Escada16 – 592
BOSS81 – 723
Marc O'Polo44,95 – 174,95
Comma34,00 – 149,00
Laurèl15 – 490
Closed110 - 380

Please note that prices quoted are approximate and may vary according to specific models and dealer price variations.