Top 10 German brands of manual vegetable cutters 

Manual vegetable slicers are indispensable kitchen accessories. Opt for German quality with the best brands of vegetable cutters currently available on the market. Here is our selection of the top ten German brands of manual vegetable cutters.

Gefu vegetable slicers

GEFU is a German brand renowned for its high-quality stainless steel cookware. Founded in 1943, GEFU has established itself as a major player in the design of innovative, high-performance kitchen utensils designed to facilitate everyday cooking tasks.

GEFU's value proposition is based on several aspects. Firstly, the brand offers iconic products such as the Spirelli, a popular spiral vegetable slicer. In addition, GEFU offers a wide range of kitchen utensils to meet every cook's needs, whether for grating, peeling, straining, baking, barbecuing, preparing pasta, purée, pastries and much more.

GEFU kitchen utensils are distinguished by their well-thought-out functionality and ease of use, simplifying the tedious steps involved in meal preparation. This makes cooking a real pleasure. 

What's more, the brand attaches great importance to the quality of the materials used, guaranteeing the durability, sturdiness and hygiene of its products. As proof of this confidence, GEFU offers a 5-year warranty on its utensils.

When it comes to design, GEFU cookware stands out for its timeless, elegant aesthetic, perfectly suited to contemporary kitchen styles. The brand also embodies a strong dynamic of innovation, constantly expanding its catalog with ingenious new creations.

GEFU's history and passion for cooking are reflected in its unique and original collections. With a global presence and distribution in nearly 55 countries, GEFU has become a benchmark for kitchen enthusiasts looking for high-quality utensils to express their culinary creativity on a daily basis.

Here's a summary table of prices for Gefu manual vegetable cutters:

RETTIMO horseradish cutter 1236012,00 €
Trimmer 1342039,90 €
Pomo tomato slicer 1359032,90 €
Pineapple cutter Professional32,90 €
Pineapple cutter Comfort 1351017,90 €

Please note that the prices given in this table are indicative. Please visit the official Gefu website to find out more about the brand's prices. 

Westmark vegetable slicer

Westmark is a German company specializing in the manufacture of kitchen utensils. Its history dates back to 1956, when Hubert Deimel founded the company under the name "Hubert Deimel Hauswarenfabrik". He began by producing and selling the "Famos" potato peeler, which later became the name of the kitchen aid company, Famos GmbH.

In 1988, Hubert Deimel's son, Christian Deimel, took over the management of the company. Over the years, Westmark expanded its business by acquiring other companies in the sector, such as Westmark (which today gives its name to Westmark GmbH), Monopol, Sieger and Saleen, between 2001 and 2012.

In 2019, Westmark adopts a new corporate design with the slogan "WESTMARK MACH'S EINFACH!" (Westmark makes life easier!). The brand also launches a new range of high-end kitchen utensils under the "Westmark" umbrella brand and the "Monopol Edition" lines for gourmet tools and "Saleen Edition" for basketry and placemats.

Westmark's value proposition is based on several aspects. Firstly, the company focuses on product quality, while offering competitive prices. It manufactures a wide range of reliable cookware, including plastic, aluminum and zinc products, through its plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, aluminum die-casting, zinc die-casting and metal processing departments.

Westmark also attaches particular importance to the reliability and punctuality of deliveries, ensuring that its business partners receive their orders on time. The company implements resource-conserving measures, such as the use of energy-efficient machinery, recycling and environmentally-friendly waste disposal. It is also committed to long-term sustainability, notably through the use of solar energy via a photovoltaic system.

In summary, Westmark offers a wide range of quality cookware, made in Germany, with a commitment to sustainability, reliable delivery and positive social interaction.

Here's a summary table of prices for vegetable cutters at Westmark:

Mango pitter/cutter21,47 €
Stainless steel avocado slicer24,22 €
Mushroom bowl28,36 €
Apple slicer in 8 sections23,69 €

Rösle vegetable slicer

Rösle is a German brand that has been designing kitchen utensils and barbecues since 1888. Over its 130-year history, Rösle has built a reputation for excellence in innovative, easy-to-use products.

Rösle's history goes back five generations, testifying to the brand's ongoing commitment to quality and experience. The brand has established itself as a benchmark in the kitchen sector, offering products that combine functionality, modern, sleek design and innovation.

Rösle's value proposition is based on several key aspects. Firstly, the brand places great importance on the ease of use of its products. It is committed to designing intuitive, comfortable utensils that make life in the kitchen more pleasant and practical.

In addition to user-friendliness, Rösle places particular emphasis on the quality of its products. The brand is renowned for the durability and reliability of its utensils and barbecues. It uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to guarantee sturdy, hard-wearing products.

Design is also a key element in Rösle's value proposition. The brand favors a clean, modern design that blends seamlessly into contemporary kitchens. Rösle products are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Today, Rösle stands out for its innovative spirit. The brand is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and technologies to improve its products and offer innovative culinary solutions. Whether for everyday cooking or for special occasions, Rösle offers a wide range of utensils and barbecues to suit the needs of cooking enthusiasts.

Here is a summary table of Rosle vegetable cup prices:

Spätzle" planer49,96 €
Gourmet slicer 28 cm46,96 €
25 cm cheese slicer33,95 €
Multi-cut chopper67,96 €
7 cm pizza wheel24,95 €
Cheese mill57,95 €
Roulette for pizza and tarte flambée24,95 €
Supercut slicer59,95 €
Fine rasp37,96 €

Zyliss vegetable slicer

Zyliss was founded in 1951 by Karl Zysset (1907-1998), a trained bicycle mechanic. The name Zyliss is based on a combination of the founder's surname and the town of Lyss, Switzerland, where the first factory was established. The company launched its first product, the onion chopper, with the slogan "Zig-Zig Zyliss".

Zyliss' value proposition lies in the design and manufacture of quality kitchen products. The brand is committed to offering functional, innovative utensils that make meal preparation easier. With a focus on design and ease of use, Zyliss offers reliable and practical products to simplify everyday kitchen tasks.

Here is a summary of prices for Zyliss vegetable cutters:

Zyliss peeler9,95 €
Zyliss tomato peeler9,95 €
Zyliss shellfish tongs17,95 €
Zyliss garlic press27,95 €
Zyliss Swift Dry Green salad spinner54,95 €
Julienne peeler Zyliss9 €

WMF vegetable slicer

WMF, Germany's number 1 household goods manufacturer, has been delivering the perfect experience for many years. The brand is synonymous with exceptional gourmet moments and develops premium products that make every moment unique, from preparation and cooking to eating and drinking. WMF pays particular attention to perfection, from the initial idea to the finished product, in order to offer you moments that stimulate all your senses and stand out from the ordinary.

WMF focuses on preparing, cooking, dining and drinking, offering excellent craftsmanship, maximum quality, iconic design and optimal functionality. WMF products are subject to the highest standards, guaranteeing a unique experience for customers. The brand aims for maximum quality, whether in the choice of materials, the quality of craftsmanship, customer service or advisory skills.

WMF is passionate about design and strives to create aesthetically pleasing products. The use of their products and every interaction with the WMF brand thus become aesthetic highlights.

WMF's value proposition is based on a passion for perfection, maximum quality, iconic design and the unique experience they offer their customers. They aim to make every moment of pleasure special by offering premium products that meet the highest expectations.

Here is a summary table of WMF vegetable cup prices:

Spiral vegetable slicer with 14 cm nugget holder26,99 €
WMF vegetable slicer39,95 €
WMF spiral vegetable slicer with 5 cones119,90 €

Leifheit vegetable slicer

Leifheit is a German company specializing in household appliances and home care products. Although primarily active in Central and Eastern Europe, the company also distributes its products in France, the USA and Asia. With many years' experience in the field, Leifheit is renowned for its extensive range of non-electric appliances for the home, offering a certain reliability in the industry.

Leifheit's flagship product is the tumble dryer, which is available in many formats and has won several awards. However, it is important to note that this information is not sufficient to judge the overall quality of the brand's products. To form your own opinion, it's essential to learn more about Leifheit.

The history of the Leifheit brand is relatively discreet, as there is little information available on its creation and development. Founded in 1959, probably in Germany, the company has factories in various countries, including Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Its products are marketed worldwide.

Leifheit offers products in three main categories: household cleaning, laundry care and kitchen accessories. Its range includes mainly low-tech products, such as garden driers, vegetable graters, fruit accessories (such as stoners and peelers), and many others.

Leifheit's value proposition is based on its ability to offer practical, functional products to facilitate everyday household tasks. While the brand does not focus on advanced technologies, it does focus on satisfying consumer needs and offers a wide range of products to meet different cleaning, laundry and kitchen needs.

Here is a summary table of Leifheit vegetable cutting prices:

Leifheit vegetable and potato slicers (choice of 2 sizes)42,60 €
Leifheit 3-in-1 manual spiral vegetable slicer24.67 or €23.68
Leifheit manual vegetable slicer (15.4 x 9.2 x 29.5 cm)32,99 €

Fackelmann vegetable slicer

Fackelmann is an international company that has become the world leader in kitchen utensils and tools. For over 100 years, the brand has been known for its kitchen utensils, housewares, vacuum cleaner bags, FFP2 masks and household appliances. With an extensive catalog of over 10,000 items, Fackelmann is present in many homes around the world. Its diverse range is manufactured at the company's headquarters in Hersbruck, Germany, as well as in four other countries, and is distributed worldwide.

Fackelmann currently has over 40 business units worldwide, covering Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, China, India, Brazil and Southeast Asia. With several production sites in Germany, France, Poland, China and India, the company is able to supply its customers along the entire supply chain. 

It offers its own brands such as Zenker, Dr. Oetker, Rotel, Nirosta, Top Filter, FMprofessional, Elo, Chef'n, Luigi Bormioli, Wiltshire, Stanley Rogers and Füri, as well as private labels to meet the specific needs of its customers. With a brand awareness of 80%, Fackelmann is one of the leaders in the household goods sector.

The company is constantly at the cutting edge, and stands out for its innovative strength. What unites the companies in the Fackelmann family is their forward-looking vision and their confidence in their shared creative ability. Fackelmann's value proposition lies in its ability to offer a wide range of high-quality, innovative household products tailored to the needs of consumers worldwide.

Here is a summary table of prices for Fackelmann vegetable slicers:

Manual fry cutter Fackelmann 2790227,99 €
Fackelmann vegetable slicer and mandolin55,84 €
Vegetable slicer and mandolin Fackelmann 27902From €23.99

Triangle vegetable slicer

The history of the Triangle brand began when Erwin Hill founded Hill Metal Fabrication in Solingen, Germany, in 1946. Initially, the company concentrated on the production of high-quality rotary whips. Faced with the fierce competition of the time, Erwin Hill decided to diversify his production in order to stand out from the crowd. However, it wasn't until 1972 that Peter Kelch, now the company's managing director (and Erwin Hill's son-in-law), undertook further reforms, enabling the manufacture of a variety of products. The company began to produce a number of kitchen tools for prestigious brands.

Years later, Peter's talented daughter Christine Kelch joined the company and decided to create an entirely new brand. Thus, in 2002, the respected Triangle brand was launched, which today is known as Triangle GmbH. Since then, the company's influence has spread worldwide. Triangle currently produces over three hundred kitchen tools, which are exported to many countries.

Triangle's value proposition lies in the production of high-quality kitchen tools. The brand is distinguished by its reputation for excellence and reliability. Triangle products are appreciated for their durability, functionality and innovation. They are designed to meet the needs of both professional chefs and discerning kitchen enthusiasts. 

With a wide range of tools from knives to tongs to pastry utensils, Triangle offers products for every stage of culinary preparation. The brand is committed to providing reliable, high-performance kitchen tools that facilitate work in the kitchen and enable users to express their culinary creativity.

Here is a summary table of prices for Triangle vegetable cutting products:

4 in 1 Triangle Vegetable Spiralizer22,31 €
Triangle vegetable slicer16 €
Decorating spiral Triangle 701419 €

Graef vegetable slicer

The German Graef brand has been around since 1920 and is recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality products for the kitchen. Its best-known products are slicers and espresso machines. Graef slicers are renowned the world over for their functional, user-friendly design, combined with exceptional quality. They offer precise, ultra-fine slicing of meats, especially ham, thanks to their hollow-ground, all-stainless steel blades. Graef slicers are also appreciated for their durability and elegance, adding an aesthetic touch to your worktop.

Graef espresso machines are designed to enable coffee lovers to brew delicious coffee at home from freshly ground beans. They aim to make the most of the coffee beans' aromas and guarantee an exceptional coffee experience at home. Graef espresso machines are suitable for use in both domestic and professional kitchens.

Graef's value proposition lies in the superior quality of its products. The brand is committed to providing high-end kitchen products that meet the expectations of professional chefs and discerning amateurs alike. Graef products are renowned for their reliability, functionality and durability. They are made with quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Graef offers a wide range of products, from slicers to espresso machines, covering the varied needs of cooking enthusiasts. With Graef, you can count on exceptional quality and an optimal culinary experience at home.

Here is a summary table of prices for Graef vegetable cutting products:

Twin Vegetable cutter Graef280,06 €
Spiral vegetable slicer with 2 Graef blades71,98 €
Graef multifunctional fruit and vegetable slicer24,73 €

Römertopf vegetable slicer

The history of the Römertopf brand goes back to its creation in 1967 by Dieter Dorsch, a German potter. Inspired by the Roman culinary tradition of using clay vessels to cook food, Dieter Dorsch developed the first version of the Römertopf. It was a glazed clay pot with a domed lid. Since then, the brand has expanded its product range while preserving its know-how and core values.

The values of the Römertopf brand are based on quality, durability and respect for the environment. All their products are made from natural materials and are designed to last over time. Römertopf is also committed to an eco-responsible approach, using local materials and limiting their impact on the environment.

The Römertopf product range is wide and varied. It includes roasting pots, gratin dishes, terracotta casseroles, cake pans, frying pans and much more. All these products are made from high-quality clay, ensuring gentle, even cooking. What's more, Römertopf products are compatible with all types of oven, whether electric, gas or wood-fired.

Römertopf's value proposition lies in the quality and functionality of its clay products. Thanks to their natural material, Römertopf dishes offer gentle cooking that preserves food flavors and nutrients. Their thoughtful design and durability make them long-lasting products that can be used for many years to come. What's more, the brand focuses on preserving the environment by using local materials and minimizing its ecological impact. By choosing Römertopf, consumers can therefore enjoy a quality culinary experience while supporting a brand committed to respecting the environment.

Here is a summary table of prices for Rômertopf vegetable cutting products:

CTX Rômertopf manual vegetable slicer303,81 €
Rômertopf vegetable slicer with interchangeable blades34 €

How much does a German-brand manual vegetable slicer cost? 

Here is a table of brands in descending order of price to give you an idea of prices: 

BrandApproximate price range
Römertopf    303,81 € – 22,5€ 
Graet 280,06 € – 71,98 €
WMF     119,90 € – 26,99 €
Fackelmann  55,84 € – 23,99 €
Leifheit  42,60 € – 23,68 €
Rosle  67,96 € – 33,95 €
Gefu 69,90 € – 12,00 €
Zyliss  54,95 € – 9,00 €
Wesmark 38€ – 21,5 €
Triangle 22,31 € – 16,00 €

It's important to note that the prices quoted may vary depending on the seller and current promotional offers. We recommend that you compare prices and take into account the specific features of each vegetable slicer before making a purchasing decision.